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    Well as you all probally have found out durning the course of your employement as a security officer, you probally have figured out that you are not allowed to call off sick, unless you have a doctors note or etc to state that you were really sick, you probally dont have insurance as your company does not cover you, so you cant easily get in to see a doctor the day that you are sick as you may not have the 300-400 dollars up front that they are going to want to see you one an "emergency call basis", even when one is able to obtain a dotcors note, i have found that the companies expect you to work anyways, they expect you to never be sick and to never call off shift, and when you do you have no sick leave, so you either have to lose the hours or do "overtime" to recover lost hours. How is it that security is exempt for being Human ? we must be robots act like all is well coming in sick and etc or face termaniation for no showing to a shift, alhtough my present company is better and i can actually call off sick, i have however worked for companies like the ones described above, my question to you is have you worked for those types of companis? and is there really anything we can do to change the way secuirty companies treat us in this aspect ?
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    It's the nature of the business. At my current job we can call off anytime but we loose the pay for that day. There's no paid sick days like in some jobs. We do have an option of swapping days with another employee if approved by the supervisor. He's usually agreeable to that since it allows everyone to get their normal number of hours and not have one person rack up overtime.
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      5 paid sick days a year. (Used to be 7), They also used to pay us the days not taken the week before Christmas.

      Doctor's visits are covered by Medicare in Canada.

      A Doctor's note is required when you take 2 days in a row off, cost $25.00. (They can charge for things like this).

      Parents in Quebec get ONE YEAR off, PAID when they have a child. It can be divided between the mother & father, each taking 6 months or anyway they want.

      Parents of young children can have 5 days off unpaid according to Quebec law to take care of their children. Eg school closed due to a snow storm etc.
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        At my company you earn usually about 100 paid sick hours a year. We also have 100% Medical paid by the company so we are pretty good in this department. Typically out here you dont need a doctors note unless you're going to be out for 3 days or more. When I call in sick, I just call the line, tell them who it is and that I wont be coming in because I am sick. I dont feel the need to explain my personal circumstances with my employer, it is none of their business. If they ask me what's wrong I tell them I am sick and say goodbye and terminate the conversation.
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          At the moment Im the only guard the company has in my town, I get sick days and currently have 120 hr annual leave. But when I did have a relief he wouldnt turn up if I was sick anyway. We dont have to have a medical certificate if it is just 1 day, we do have to have a medical certificate if we have a day of the day before/after a public holiday. It sounds like you guys get it pretty rough.


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            I get 5 weeks of paid time off each year, in addition to the 3 weeks that we are allowed to carry over each year. PTO can be used for either sick time or vacation. Doctor's notes are only required after 3 consecutive days off. We have full medical coverage as well including both short term and long term disability so if something serious happens you don't have to burn through all your days.