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does your state require you to have two licenses

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    Originally posted by craig333 View Post
    In CA your firearm permit specifies what calibers you are allowed to carry (whatever you decided to qualify with). Anyone else do that?
    In VA it does not say the caliber on the card, but you can only use the weapon in the same caliber that you qualified with.
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      Originally posted by HospitalPatrol View Post
      Wow, that would be awesome. I doubt my employer would provide any support to me if I ever tried to pursue that. I wonder if the SLED card would allow carry in places a civilian CWP wouldn't (churches, hospitals, schools, etc)...
      You are carrying as a security officer, so you can carry anywhere a deputy may carry. Your employer, btw, would be responsible... so no, I don't think they would.

      Basically, since you're carrying on your security shield, you are carrying as a LEO for the purposes of weapons laws.
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        Texas requires:

        1. 4-hr. class instruction and testing for Level I/II. LI is registration and LII is an actual license (non-commissioned)

        2. 30-hr classroom/range instruction for Level III (commissioned) to carry a firearm exposed.

        3. 15-hr. classroom/range instruction for LevelIV (personal protection officer) to carry a concealed firearm.

        4. 4-hr classroom for OC spray. Required for anyone who wants to carry it.

        My company also requires a 4-hr. class for baton and handcuffing, just for the sake of liability.


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          here in AZ you need one card for unarmed and a second one on top of that for armed. Also with the armed card it states what company you work for. If you change companies or work for multiple armed companies then you must either pay a transfer fee or get a separate armed card for each company you work for.

          Also both cards will expire on the same day every 2 years. I found out this when I got my armed card with only a few months left on my unarmed. So when I got my armed card it also expired in a few months. So I ended up having to take an 8 hour refresher course again, not cool.


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            In Indiana, contract security guards are not required to be licensed, only the owner of the company. I'm an in house security guard, so I have it even better. No license is required for a guard to work unarmed, and only an Indiana license to carry a handgun (either the 4-year or the lifetime) is required for anyone wanting to do armed security. Firms are free to add their own additional requirements to those, and many do, if for no other reason, to reduce liability.


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              Here in thte Northern Territory,(Australia) Basically there is two licence groups - Security Officer and Crowd Controller Licences. We can also get a combination licence.
              To carry firearms, cuffs, CA Spray etc is every restricted and requires seperate licences/certificates external to security licence. Also for an officer to carry firearms etc the security firm needs to be certified so their officers to carry weapons etc.


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                Florida requires an unarmed security license prior to application for a Statewide Firearms Permit. This is, as someone previously stated, a permit to carry an exposed weapon. There are strict guidelines that go along with this regarding weapon type (.38 or .357 REVOLVER carrying ONLY .38 ammo or a 9mm pistol) and only allows carry while actually on duty and on the clients property. Shotgun and assualt rifle waivers are available for certain situations such as armored car, nuke plants, etc.
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