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What are your company's requirements on personal appearance?

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  • UtahProtectionForce
    well with my company. you must be in a clean uniform, must have showed and brushed your teeth, hair must be (crew/professional/military style cuts for men) so no long hair or cornrows allowed, Hair must be natural color so no funky green or blue highlights, women hair must be off collar, and natural color, no jewerly allowed except for a religous necklace or wedding rings.

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  • What are your company's requirements on personal appearance?

    As you can probably figure out by my handle, I have a lot of tattoos. My stomach, neck, chest, stomach, and back are covered. When I wear my short-sleeved t-shirt at work, my arms are visible. My boss (who is also my oldler brother) doesn't seem to care; hell, he even lets me wear earrings in my ears and wear my hair in cornrows. His only requirements on personal appearance are that we have good hygiene and stay clean shaven. Is your company strict or lenient with regards to the personal appearance of the guards?