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What are your company's requirements on personal appearance?

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    Our isn't so bad

    Our uniform code is pretty simple I guess, I only know the guys' side:

    1. Clean-cut, maintained hair. No eccentric crapola. Most of us maintain mil-spec so we are all ok.

    2. No facial hair, with the exception of a mustache, which most people look ridiculous with anyway.

    3. Sideburns to the middle of the ear only.

    4. No jewelry except wedding band and/or watch visible. I wear a cross around my neck, but it is 'out of site, out of mind' to them.

    5. Obvious good hygiene. I have been known to send guards home for stinking to high heaven 20 min into their shift.

    6. Glassed-out boots. High shine unless you are working a construction area, then just keep the mud off.

    7. Uniforms pressed and clean at all times. Even BDU's need to have the visible creases showing.

    8. All gear in order. Wear keepers on your duty belt, make sure your brass is clean. If you use nylon and your cases are starting to fall apart,replace them.

    9. Company issued hats only. Thank G*d they aren't the ridiculous ones I see some guards wearing. You know the ones...the modified RCMP hat.

    10. Clean and maintain all your weapons. If I come on site and your sidearm has dust in it, I will send you home.

    11. General Texas Occupations Code stuff: Nameplate and Badge visible on outermost garment. Company logo on the same.

    12. No slang. We had a guard get fired for saying "dawg" to one of my accounts. Be professional. If you want to talk like you have a third grade education, do it on your time, not mine.

    13. Tattoos are "supposed" to be covered. Many cases are left alone if they are not offensive or distracting. I have a memorial tat on my right forearm and, being right handed, my clients all know it is there. I have even had some ask the story behind it. Tats are rarely enforced because we can always park those guys in a patrol unit or at a night club or construction site. They certainly won't ever work a hotel, but they can still make overtime.
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      If you want to talk like you have a third grade education, do it on your time, not mine.[/QUOTE]

      LOL! Nice....But so true.
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