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applations for security why so long?

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  • applations for security why so long?

    OK I been looking for a diffrent job and found out I have a good chance of becoming a supervior and this other company ,But my god 40 page! for a applation! the last one was 30 and took over a hour and half! Who else around here does this too?

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    What company has a 40 page application?
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      Our application is 12 pages, and I thought that was long enough. Do they have some sort of background packet in this 40 page application?
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        Sorry cant say what company they watch this sight also,but I made a short form application out already and gave them my resume they also want 8 cover letters, I be lucky to find that many friends ,more enemy's then friends in this type of work.

        yes there is back ground ,but they are already doing a back ground check from the small app I gave them.

        it will take two hours to do this app. hand cramps are coming,but worth it for the pay. Alot of it get very personal . mostly about your habits hobby ,life in general right down to what you wife does and if she is your ex, when you two split ,it is almost like making out a police app.


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          I always find it funny how some security companies have elaborate applications processes (or say that they do), including background checks, psychological/physical testing, interview panels, legal knowledge tests, etc.. only to find out that the job pays minimum wage or $1 or $2 above it....


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            40 Page application?

            I hope they pay a thousand dollars an hour... that's ridiculous.
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              40 page application better be for the United States Government, with part of it going to DISA.

              That's insane.
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                To think I though 4 pages was enough LOL 40? haven't they heard about preservation of woodlands?
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                  People get worn out over our 2 page application. 40 pages? Where do you staple your first born?
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                    Man 40 pages is a lot. I though mine was pain with 15 pages and I do maritime security and i have to answer to USCG.
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                    oh ya


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                      I'll jire you with a half page CV. (Just make sure to attach the cheque securely )
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                        OK I finished getting the 8 cover letters,why can't jobs be easy any more