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    I remembered, luckily, something one of our Air Police instructors told us at Lackland when someone tells you he can whip your butt. "Hell my wife does that regularly and she is only five foot two." I said this when encountered by five young men attempting to take a hardware store door off its hinges. The leader had not expected that rejoin, broke out in a wide grin and responded with a classic, "You a cool MF." They all left the alley. What he and his friends did not see was my Model J held behind my right leg. That young man and his friends became my (our) greatest informants.
    It could have turned out much differently I know but luckily it didn't.
    Enjoy the day,


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      These are all real, this city building was old didn't have doors to the offices, there where two hall ways so the building look like a c each hall had a light switch to control the lights in that section so after you did your walk thru you turn off the lights. Sense your desk is in the middle of the hall you can see both doors,but also when the meeting starts you are the only one controlling the people and they stand around your desk so it really turns into crowd control or your dealing with a certain group of people so you loose all control of your doors to both Hall ways.

      Myself when I do any walk thru I do carry a flash light and I do not turn on lights when I walk the floors.

      The two men in question where discussing business, when the guard enter the room he informed them this office was off limits and they had to move back to the main hall with the rest, the first guy had no problem with it the ND got up set ,because no one ever told him what to do.

      And informed the guard to go and they be there in awhile, the guard inform them no you will leave now and ill escort you down the hall.

      The man got meaner and there was no way the security officer in question was going to run all the way down the hall to grab the phone to call a dispatcher to get a police officer down there.

      True he could of used the ones in the office where he was,but the guy was now pass arms length in the guards face.

      The facts are there and this happen a very long time ago so, I am interested how one would do it different.