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Port Officials Ask Sheriff To Deputize Security Guards

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  • Port Officials Ask Sheriff To Deputize Security Guards

    The Story


    I grew up in this county with my father being a Deputy with the SO, so I should be able to provide some info here.

    The Brookings-Harbor Port is a VERY small Port, it is located in the community of Harbor Oregon. Harbor does not have it's own Police Dept. They rely upon the services of the Curry County Sheriff and the Oregon State Police. On the other side of the river is the City of Brookings, who has a full time Police Dept.

    I don't have much intel on security company only what they posted in same newspaper. IPH SECURITY SYSTEMS (I can't tell is they run red or if that is amber on that patrol car)

    With O&C Funds being deprived next year Curry County, and most other counties with ties to the O&C funding will be left with almost 80% of their general fund monies vanishing. It is forecast that Curry, and other counties, will loose their entire Road Patrol/Criminal Deputies. In Oregon the state mandates ONLY three functions of a County Sheriff; 1) Jail, 2) Civil Process, and 3) SAR. Thusly, patrol work or criminal Deputies are basically non-essencial in the eyes of the state.

    I am only aware of two private security companies in Oregon, Charger help me here, having some or all of their S/O's deputized by the Sheriff. In each case they were/are in the largest population centers of the state. Not, as the case here is, one the most rural.

    I would foresee several problems with this;


    Does the Sheriff, who is already operating at minimal staffing levels and with little to no reserve monies, want to take on the liability of this security company encroaching upon the rights of citizenry? What if they do get their hands on a felony case botch some evidence or chain of custody?


    Will they be allowed to excercise these powers only on the port property (client) or have full access across the county.

    To me the qoutes from the owner of the company wants to be able to catch and release (cite and release) and file the charges with the DA's Office. Remember, this county is small, they don't have 24/7 coverage, so what if they get their hands into something and end needing a cover unit? OSP, Troopers head for the barn at about 0200hrs. Will the city of Brookings send an Officer over to assist a security guard, when historically they don't even send Officers over the bridge (city limits) to help the SO or OSP with cover. Will the City of Brookings want to also take on that liability?

    In a way it's good to see it happening and yet in another it's scary.

    Oregon hammers it into our heads that Security has a duty to retreat, only police officers have a duty to act. Will this change that mantra? Am I the only one who sees this as little switch one can turn on and off at will; "I'm (almost) a cop. hmmm, Now I'm not."

    In a sense I am reminded of Isoroku Yamamoto, the Japanese Admiral who said after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, "I fear we have only awoken the sleeping giant." In this case, this could be a good change or a very, very bad one.

    I hope to God the owner is insured up the wazoo...
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    In Montreal we have a large port. We used to have a police force known as the National Harbours Board Police, which became Ports Canada Police. They were the oldest police force in Canada. (Older than the RCMP). The whole force was disbanded about 10 years ago. Ports Canada Security was set up. I think they realize now that they have made a mistake.

    BWT Ports Canada Security & The Old Port Security (which I have written about recently) are 2 different agencies.
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      Ouch... Sounds like things are going to get interesting down there, eh Valley?

      Yea, I don't remember hearing about any rural companies being deputized... There is one company that did 'deputized' work with a city PD a while back in the capitol area, but that's still fairly urban...

      I'm not familiar with IPH, but from their site it sounds like they're a lot like the other patrol companies in OR... I'm very interested to see how this turns out in the long run, as this may make DPSST re-think a few things... Keep us posted!
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      BANG, next thing you know Bob's your Uncle and this Sgt is seemingly out on his a$$.
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