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    At one of the large stores that stays open till 24:00 they have a new duty manager, this bloke rang my supervisor and said he didnt want security anywhere near the store after 23:00. I find this really strange because after 23:00 there is only the duty manager and normally a female employee on, the other person empties the cigarettes from a locked cupboard into crates and leaves them in the open behind the cash registers One night there was a stuff up with their rosters and there was two people rostered on, he complained that there was too many staff on. This bloke has come up to me and asked me questions about the security cameras as well eg, how long they hold footage, where they are located, how good are they ,who has access to the footage. I said I didnt know anything about the cameras so I couldnt tell him. I have a really bad feeling about this guy. And he seems to know all the people that we have previously had trouble with and we think he has warned some of the people we have been watching too.

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    The way this is written, I would tend to agree with your instincts.
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      Sounds a bit fishy doesn't it?

      Have a word with either your immediate supervisor or the head of your Security firm (whichever is easiset)... they may require a written report detailing your interaction with this individual

      Perhaps he's having an affair with the other female employee and doesn't want to be caught out by other employee's, Security or CCTV
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        Another thing is, none of the employees are allowed to talk to each other.


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          You do not identify whether or not this is a chain store. If it is, I would contact their head of security/loss prevention or whoever is head of operations at the corp. level and convey your observations.

          They obviously have a "dirty" manager here.
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            Originally posted by Security Consultant View Post
            You do not identify whether or not this is a chain store. If it is, I would contact their head of security/loss prevention or whoever is head of operations at the corp. level and convey your observations.

            They obviously have a "dirty" manager here.
            Curtis you stated well here. Were I he, I'd be sure to have such an order in writing and we both know that will never happen. Your recommendation to contact (Marine term MIFWIC) the chief of security/loss prevention to get clarification.
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              Is a "duty manager" the same thing as a "shift supervisor"? The fact that he's regularly working the "late shift" suggests to me that this probably is not the store manager, and I would think such an "order" would have to come from someone higher than a shift supervisor. In fact, it would have to come from very high up the "command chain", given that it is so irregular and that it obviously compromises store security.

              The problem, though, is that from your post this was (a) a verbal instruction, given (b) to your supervisor. Your supervisor should never have accepted such an instruction without written confirmation, and on receiving such (if he ever did receive it), this should then have immediately been taken up the chain to his (your supervisor's) boss for further instructions.

              The unusual degree of curiosity about cameras is worthy of being made the subject of a special written report, including as many of the specific questions asked as you can remember.
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                I have spoken to some police officers I know about him, they said they will keep it in mind if anything does happen.
                Another thing that happened was, all week I noticed a car parked in exactly the same spot and it didnt look like it had been moved, so the next week when I got to work and it was still in the same spot I rang the police to see if it was stolen, they said no and it was registered and if it was still there at the end of the week give them a ring. I dont know how it clicked to me that it may be his car but I asked him and he said yes, I said to him(joking) well you will be glad to know its not stolen and its registered and he asked me did I ring the police. Ever since then he has either walked or brought a different car everynight.


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                  It seems to bother him that security is paying attention. That alone says that he should be watched. I would say at minimum he is having an affair with the female employee. At most some major criminal activity. I would be putting this all in writing and sending it up the food chain.
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                    I don't know how it would work in Australia, but if he asked those questions to me I would pretend i did know, but i would inform him something like "I'm not allowed to disclose detailed security information to you under the data protection act" it sounds better than saying you don't know. By implying that you do know, you're projecting a professional attitude and also sticking him one by saying, i know but i'm not telling you.

                    Initially when you described the situation i thought he wanted the area clear as he was shagging the assistant who is with him, but after a thorough read i would say he's dodgy. I'd personally monitor his actions and any dealings he has with you. If you need more than a few weeks of surveillance i would ask your CCTV officer to make copies of relevant suspicious activity on camera just incase you need to present evidence, unless he blatantly breaks the law - but then you have him. I would do this as a lot of sites i've worked on have a 21 or 28 day cycling CCTV tape stock or data storage, so if you need previous footage from another month you'd have to copy it before it was erased.