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My two weeks notice!

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    Again, TY!

    I appreciate the support, for sure! You know.. I find the hardest thing to deal with in this transition, and from the start, is the fact I will be leaving the people I have brought in, trained, worked with, and taken so much pride in!

    On one hand, it weirds me out to think of someone else in this role with the people I worked so hard with. I get the worries on a few occassions that the new leadership wont take care of them as well as I feel they should be.

    Whats going to be real interesting, is the when the bomb is dropped on my superiors. I really have only one I deal with on a daily basis, and the guy is a little too interesting to work with. Some days he goes through some moods and can be a real challenge to deal with, and on some others he is like "your best bud". When I was going through the background phase with the SD, he had blown up at the investigator when he found out why he was being called. (Yes, I "forgot" to mention to him that I applied elsewhere,LOL). Immediately afterwards, he found one of my sergeants, who was on the phone with the same investigator. My sergeant was aware of what was going on, and didnt want to lead on in hopes of not raising a comotion. Well, it got interesting! LOL! But in the mess, my superior "advised" the investigator that "he did not have time to answer any questions, and that I was not interested, so leave everyone alone".. LOL!

    Yesterday I was down at the SD, getting fitted for uniforms and finishing some paperwork. While doing this, I ran into the BI that worked my packet. He was quite entertained by my superior, and informed me that he would understand why I wanted to leave.. LOL, i guess it worked itself out.

    This superior kept making comments to me after that whole ordeal, such as "you dont want to leave us, do you?".. "We're a team.. we work great together".. "Couldnt have it any better then what we do now!" and "We're buds.."

    This is killing me, as find alot of humor in it. Before all of this came to light in any manner, this same person would badger me to death with inconsequential issues. So, as things roll along, I will have to share!

    The part that killed me the most, was yesterday, this sergeant informed me that he was going to look for employment elsewhere. When I asked him why, his response was because I was leaving. We had our chat, and I tried to convince him to stay, as he was next in line for my position, which he wasnt overly thrilled about. I also dropped the bomb on him that my assistant is leaving as well. I dont think he was too pleased with the news, and his girlfriend is against him taking my position, as the hours will keep them apart. I believe him, but I am still trying to convince him otherwise. He has more of an interest in getting on with my new department though..LOL!
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      Congrats and good luck.
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        Originally posted by Mall Director View Post
        "We're a team.. we work great together
        My esperience tells this is loosely translated into; "Who else is going to do my work now?"


        Sounds like there is good news all around as of late, I am truely happy for you all
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          Originally posted by ValleyOne View Post
          My esperience tells this is loosely translated into; "Who else is going to do my work now?"


          Sounds like there is good news all around as of late, I am truely happy for you all

          LOL..... OMG, That is exactly what my one sergeant was saying, as he sees this all the time! I think you may have alot of validity behind your statement! LOL!
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            Mall Director,

            Congratulations on the transition. While I think the Security Sector as a

            whole is going to lose a great asset, there's no other field of work that I'd

            rather see you go into. Just don't stop visiting us here, that's all we ask.
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