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My two weeks notice!

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  • My two weeks notice!

    Yes, I thought I would share my surprise!

    I am dropping my notice of resignation this saturday. It has been alot of fun doing what I have done, and all the things I have accomplished, but there has also been alot of political things that have bothered me. I could spend another paragraph explaining, but I have better news..

    I recieved a call I have been waiting on for some time now. This last year after realizing a few things, I went out last year and dropped my application with a local Sheriff's Dept. that has had my interest. After negotiating some things, and working a deal or two, I went through the hiring process, and it has now come true. Tomarrow I go in to the Dept. and fill out my W4, hiring paperwork, uniform sizing and so on..

    In short, I love the security field alot, but I want to continue my efforts of helping, and moved into law enforcement. Now I will educate some LEO's on private property laws..LOL!
    Deputy Sheriff

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    Awesome! Congratulations!


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      It's been a pleasure! I hope you won't abandon us! You have been a great source of information and even the funny story from time to time.

      LOL I still remember the video you posted a long time ago of your guys OC training. I have always admired your selective hiring process and training process.

      Good luck!
      SecurityProfessional is Back up and running!


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        Well thank you all very much! I wont abandon anyone.. Military training says never leave another behind, and I really enjoy it here to much to discard excellent relationships that develop here!

        I will still continue my efforts to help improve the private sector, as I still hold value there!

        Ohh.. No worries.. I have plenty more fun stories to share!
        Deputy Sheriff


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            Congrats, MD! I certainly hope you won't forget us 'little people' and still pop in from time to time to chat it up with us.

            On a side note, I may be joining you in that decision soon. I'm going in tomorrow to start the testing process with my local SO as well... Only time will tell!
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            Originally posted by ValleyOne
            BANG, next thing you know Bob's your Uncle and this Sgt is seemingly out on his a$$.
            Shoulda called in sick.
            Be safe!


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              "Gun control, the theory that 110lb. women have the "right" to fistfight with 210lb. rapists. " Author Unknown


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                Congratulations on your new adventure.

                How big is the department? Do they have any positions that work with private businesses in regards to alarms? Loss Prevention? And education in these areas?



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                  you cant leave us !!! no........................ DANG you switching to the DARK side....... pfft how dare you leave SEO to be a LEO, RWAR..........

                  once you go dark you cant come back.............

                  joking, i hope you enjoy it, and hope youll stick around and post in the future, and share those wild and amazing run ins, and calls you get from security guards ;P

                  so like upon this offeratory i suggest that the mods add --- DEPUTY --- to MD's name so he can now be DMD "deputy mall director"
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                  Its not how we lived that counts....
                  all that matters is how we saved that one life that one time by being in the right place at the right time....


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                      Congratualtions . I too just put my two weeks notice in with my company. I am leaving them to go to arizona and become a Supervisor for a company there until i finish my hiring process with some of the pd's there.
                      Here endith the lesson


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                        Congratulations - Arizona is a beautiful place to live. Spent 15 years there.
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                          Congratulations, mall cop!


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                            Congratulations, I too enjoyed my time with the county in late 1960s early 1970s, but with a wife and children and starvation staring me in the face I had to give it up. Better wages now than then.
                            So again, congratulations!
                            Enjoy the day,


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                              CONGRATS to all that have acheived their goal of becoming LEOs. I am sure that with your prior experience you will be a great asset to the department and to your fellow brotheren.
                              Keeping the parking lots safe, hallways moving and the Chik Fil A busy.