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  • Hotel O&R Policy

    The majority of hotels in this country operate under the O&R (Observe & Report) policy.

    This policy instructs the security personnel to merely observe criminal acts and to call the police and report what has been observed.

    Unfortunately this policy really doesn’t protect the guest. By the time the police arrive, the suspect is usually long gone and the victim is either injured or worse yet, dead.

    If the security officer tries to intervene, this puts him or her in violation of company policy and probably suspension or discharged will follow.

    If the security officer is injured while trying to intervene then he or she will face medical expenses that are usually not covered.

    Welcome to the world of hotel security.

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    Indeed. And the hotel will be happy to tell guests they're perfectly safe, since they have a security guard on duty at night.

    Last time I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, I was assured it was perfectly safe, they had "special police" on site.

    The "special police" were Schmitt Security Police, who are completely unarmed (not even FLASHLIGHTS) and are O&R only. I know one of their supervisors.
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      See my response to your post in the "Security in Deep Doggie Doo" section.
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