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    12 Hour Shifts

    I work 12 hour shifts - 14 days on and 14 days off. The shifts are long but the time off is great.


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      Grave yard shift for me,2300 to 0700 it is when all the night crawlers come out to play.


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        I'm accustomed to the 8-8-8 scenerio but don't mind 10 hour shifts, the few 12 hour shifts I've worked left me feeling they were just a tad too long... though I suppose I would eventually adjust
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          I don't think one can adjust to the 12 hour shifts. At least not and have any sort of personal life. 10's are easily to adjust to, but not 12's.
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            The ICC requires truck drivers to work no more than eleven hours without rest, the reason is lack of attention which could cause accidents. Why is it that a lot of security is 12 hour shifts? I firmly believe that no one in this line of work should be scheduled for more than ten hours and preferably no more than eight hours per shift. My company seems to have a thing for twelve hour days, which I suspect is so that they can do the job with fewer employees thus cutting cost. Why do this? Doesen't the client deserve to have officers who are rested and alert? How are hey saving anything, the contract is for hours per week, not officers.
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              12 hour shifts

              The twelve hour shifts do get long – especially towards the end of a fourteen day run. After working this shift for some time, you do become accustom to them and it becomes just another day at the office.

              As for a personal life, during the work tour, it is kind of bleak. After working and sleeping, I see my family about 3 and ½ hours a day. To make up for it, we utilize the fourteen days off to spend time together doing whatever we want. That’s one of the high points of having the job.

              I have it good, I live in one of the few urban areas that my company services. I still get the 2&2 schedule but I get to go home each night.

              Many of our officers live in remote camps (Company provided room and board) during their tour so they are away from their families for two weeks at a time. We also have quite a few that commute from as far away as Georgia. That has to be rough on the personal life. This has been done for the last 30 years here and seems to be the preferred (by the workers) method. They like the two weeks off.

              If we worked anything other than this type of shift it would by harder to get and retain people as the regular overtime hours would not be there (each week we work 84 hours – 40 regular and 44 at time and a half). It would also present more of a logistical problem for the people that make the commute and the companies that have to house and transport them to the sites.

              As far as it being cheaper for the company to have us working 12 hour shift, It actually costs them quite a bit more to do it this way when you consider the overtime costs –vs- straight time. But here it seems to work.