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    Originally posted by bigdog
    what did exelsior uniforms run batou?
    Depends on the era.

    When our friends at Harrison's Uniforms were around, before someone torched the store, the company bought Flechmeyer Command Shirts (Short Sleeve), at 35.00 a pop. The pants were 65.00 a pop, Flechmeyer. Stripe was an added 5.00. Yep, we wore red stripes. You can still tell old timers by their red stripes. I was probally the last, though.

    Now days, unless they changed vendors, the shirts are about 25 dollars, 100% Rayon, and the pants are about 17.00. They get them through Uniform Warehouse out of California. That's why I'm not afraid to buy uniforms from Quartermasters in 100% Poly or Poly/Cotton. I have worn them myself, these cheap uniforms, and you CAN make them look good. I'm also stupid enough to write up care and use instructions, and either find a dry cleaner to purchase gift certificates (One DC a month will restore the uniforms), or give people 8 bucks a month to DC their uniforms.
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      Originally posted by Bill Warnock
      Wal-Mart greeters seem to have more meaningful occupation than does your organization.
      Enjoy the day,
      Hey, another value-added service!! I'll have to submit this idea in our employee suggestion box. I'm sure to get a bonus now.
      Security: Freedom from fear; danger; safe; a feeling of well-being. (Webster's)


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        Originally posted by N. A. Corbier
        I think the college kept it around for federal and DOJ grant money. Remember, every college has to have a DPS or security department who collects UCR data for the college......
        You "hit the nail right on the head." As has been pointed out before regarding WBC's: "We are here for insurance purposes only. For real emergencies, dial 911."
        Security: Freedom from fear; danger; safe; a feeling of well-being. (Webster's)