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    "Some in Atlanta Pay for Patrols"

    For many Atlanta residents it seems having a mower stolen, car radio taken or home broken into is a rite of passage. [. . .] In response, Atlanta residents frustrated with chronically understaffed city police are piecing together their own private police force neighborhood by neighborhood.

    It sounds like these neighborhood patrols generally consist of off-duty Atlanta Police officers, but there are also references in the article to some neighborhoods using private security patrols and volunteer Neighborhood Watch citizens.

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    In the early 70s the City of Montreal Police ttok over the police forces of all the cities on the island of Montreal. (About 29 suburbs at the time). Some cities felt they lost services as some of their resources were sent downtown. Some of the richer of these suburbs set up what they first called Para-Police. They were to be the eyes & ears of the police for criminal things,Security for city owned property & By-law Enforcement Officers. They became known as Public Security. (The police did not like the term Para-Police). They exist to this day. For a while someo of the cities had their firefighters patrolling their cities doing Punlic Security. In 2002 the Montreal Fure Department took over all the smaller departments on the iseland. The Montreal union does not allow for firefighters to be used as Public Security so many of these cities (some are now Boroughs of Montreal) set up their Public Security forces. Most use contract security to man these forces.

    1 Montreal city (Côte St. Luuc) has ANOTHER patrol service. Alog with the police & Public Security they have vCOP. (Volinteer Citizens on Patrol). They patrol in marked vehicles calling the police & Public Security when they see something).
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