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    Originally posted by UtahProtectionForce View Post
    had to pull a dictonary for that one o.O

    defined as : Leaking of retinal blood vessels in advanced or long-term diabetes, affecting the macula or retina. Vision can be seriously distorted or blurred.
    BTW I wasn't joking. I can no longer read out of my left eye. I undergo lazer treatments (to stop the bleeding) every month or 2 & last month they tried injecting Corizone (sp?) into the eye to try & stop the swelling. NOT FUN!
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      Sorry to hear that HotelSecurity.
      "Gun control, the theory that 110lb. women have the "right" to fistfight with 210lb. rapists. " Author Unknown


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        You know.. All my peeps keep stealing my pens, because I use those kewl Gel-pens and they are like hot cakes!

        I just radio an officer to meet with me somewhere, and use his pen! LOL
        Deputy Sheriff


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          I have a 4yr old daughter who always knocks off my pens and my note pads,I always had a pretty pic on every page, now I have my pen in a keeper on my duty belt so it doesnt go walk abouts.


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            I have been asked many times by local LEOs to borrow my pen. I have also lent them note pads and blank trespass warnings as well. It happens from time to time.....

            Be safe,

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              I wouldn't worry

              until the LEO needs to borrow my weapon


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                I've had to lend them cuffs and twist-flexies, and once had to siphon a couple of gallons of gasoline (we were out way back of beyond) so the LEO could get back to civilization.
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