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    BROWN BAG AND A THERMOS, the only way to go. That way you KNOW what your having for supper.[/QUOTE]

    I could not agree more! If you eat out, know who is making your food and try to watch the food handlers if possible.

    Be safe,

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      This always works...

      I keep an ice chest in the back of my truck. I can also throw it in the trunk of the cruiser when on patrol. I am going to be upgrading to Coleman's thermoelectric model soon so I don't have an ice mess. I just pack a few days worth of food and am usually fine. When I have the truck and am doing standing overnight shifts, I also pack a small gas stove so I can eat something other than a cold sandwich on occassion.


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        We have drink/soda machines in several locations throughout the plant and 2 breakrooms with candy and sandwich machines. As some may have seen in the photos I posted before, my 'guard shack' is in a building shared with the plant scale house. Between us is a hallway with restroom and small kitchen. I rarely use the vending machines since I can keep my stuff in a fullsized refridgerator and microwave or fry it up when I want.
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          Steak and Shake is expensive, but "If its in sight, it must be right" is extremely important when you're wearing a target.

          Otherwise, things like bringing food from home, stopping off at a 7-11, etc. I was fond of heating things like sammiches and lunchables and whatnot using the engine.
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            Well, If I had the fridge and microwave I've wanted for my camper anyway, I'd really be set.

            These really work as advertised and have a nice low power consumption. Pricey as hell but you get what you pay for.


            Haven't heard from anyone who has one of these.


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              We have several fast food restaurants in our corporate campus, but none are open during the hours I work. I consider that a good thing! We also have a full service employee cafeteria, but as someone who makes the occasional round through there I can't really say I am sad it isn't open at night.

              There are probably close to 100 vending machines here for snacks and pop. I generally plunk $2-3 a night in them for a couple of pops and some pretzels.

              I work a part time job once in a while and they actually have pretty good food like sandwhiches and dinners in their vending machines. Vending machine food has come a long way. Some of the stuff is very tasty. Although I am no food critic.