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    Glock 22 for work, as dictated by the gubmint.

    Walther PPK-S (.380), Beretta Jetfire (.25), SA XD (9mm) and assorted long guns when outside of work (not all at once though)


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      I don't carry for work, we're unarmed at HCMC. But I do have a state carry permit and I've carried Glock (model 23) for the better part of the last 10 years. It just fits my hand better then most other firearms. They're very durable and you can't beat the simplicity.
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        Springfield XD-45. Not a big fan of 40's.. too much velocity for my flavor.
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          Sig P229 .40 cal... it's quite accurate, compact and an overall excellent weapon.
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            XD-40 is what I would carry, if I got hired to do armed work. Sure hope getting the license was worth it.


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              I carry the Glock 22 with the M3 light attached and a .357 two inch as a Back up.

              Although I do miss the feel of my Beretta 92 FS the Glock is just lighter even with a full mag and the light attached.
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                I carry Beretta 92fs. Reason why I carry the 92 fs is I like feel of grip over the Glock as well hi cap mags 20 plus 1 it's nice as Boart says

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                  GLOCK for semi
                  S&W for revolver
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                    Currently carry XD-45. Carried a Sig P220 for more than 10 years. The XD is lighter, caries more rounds and fits my hand well. I have also carried S&W revolvers as personel weapons over the years.
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                      Personal carry, Ruger P95DC 9mm....

                      Hospitality Industry oriented security, so pepper spray only, nothing that goes bang...
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                        Walther P-99 9mm in the OD green frame. Fits my hand better than any other gun I've tried. (Although I considered a Sig before I found the Walther)
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                        BANG, next thing you know Bob's your Uncle and this Sgt is seemingly out on his a$$.
                        Shoulda called in sick.
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                          FN Five Seven.


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                            I cant carry **** even tho I got the liscence.
                            Ain't war hell?


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                              Beretta 96FS .40

                              It is the most comfortable firearm I've held.
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                                Federal Issue:

                                A Glock 22 with a Streamlight M6, and a Colt M4 with an

                                Aimpoint sight and Surefire light.

                                Private Certification:

                                A Kimber CDP because it's accurate and very "purdy"!
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