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SO arrested, impersonating police

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    Originally posted by Chucky View Post
    I think I see a trend here

    An off-duty security guard accused of pointing a loaded handgun at two women who didn’t buy he was a Boston police officer kept up his charade even as the real cops were arresting him.
    Adam Nieves, 26, of South Boston, who is lawfully licensed to carry a firearm for his employer, Capital Protection and Security, allegedly approached the women, ages 23 and 33, on St. Casimir Street in Southie early Tuesday night and asked them, “What’s going on?”
    When the ladies appeared unreceptive, Nieves allegedly began twirling a pair of handcuffs, told them he was a Boston police officer, drew a loaded semiautomatic Glock from a holster and aimed it at them.

    The victims, who had been conversing with four male family members, fled and called the real police, but Nieves apparently stayed in character.
    “(Nieves) stated to the officers that he was a Boston police officer,” said Jake Wark, spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley. “The officers didn’t believe him and handcuffed him for their own safety, as well as the safety of others in the area.”
    Capital Protection and Security said Nieves does have a gun permit for working armed job sites, but did not work Tuesday.
    Nieves pleaded not guilty yesterday in the South Boston Division of Boston Municipal Court to two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, impersonating a police officer and violating a restriction of his license to carry.
    Prosecutors sought $5,000 cash bail, but Judge Ernest L. Sarason Jr. set bail at $1,500 cash and ordered Nieves to stay away from the victims.

    Wow, he got off light. Idiots like him hold us all back.


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      The sites in NOLA are not federal property and are not run as such. Local law enforcement still has sway over these properties. I ought to know, I currently work as a security guard on federal property. There is a big difference in me sitting in the lobby of a federal court house or a control room at a federal facility and sitting in a trailer at a gate in NOLA watching trailers.

      These guards are not federal security guards, they are merely security guards hired by FEMA. ( There is a difference, believe me) (I got hired by CSS just by showing up at their offices one day to inquire if they had any openings, but to get my current post took nearly 6 months to pass the background investigation)