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I hate stupid people (beware of rant)

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  • I hate stupid people (beware of rant)

    Well, the other day I had a tresspasser who didn't want to leave until I gave him another option he could take, one that would require me to contact a LEO. Site supervisor said I handled it well and gave the scenario to this we've been trying to get rid of for some time. He (the idot) told the site supervisor that he would chat with the tresspasser for "awhile" to see what he is "about" until he knows whether or not to contact pd. Our site is a local news station with many, many stalkers who have tried many many ways to get close to their victims. I informed this guy that, even if it was ever acceptable to do this on other sites it is not even close to acceptable here on our site. I had to re-train him on stuff that is required by our state to know, in reguards to approaching suspicious persons. Well that is the end of my rant