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    Originally posted by john_harrington View Post

    The SOs can be further trained in counter-terrorism. Each terrorist attack goes through a planning phase which includes surveillance. It is at that time- when the potential terrorists are surveilling your site that effective counter-surveillance can thwart an attack. Proper training includes count-surveillance techniques, security awareness, and safety.

    SOs need also to note that surveillance of their facility will likely start well outside of your actual perimeter.
    This is the key. It's also why simple O&R security can still be effective in thwarting attacks. You don't have to be an FBI agent to detect suspicious activity such as individuals photographing the site, parked along the perimeter, and so forth. The quicker you let them know they are under surveillance, the more likely they are to be discouraged from proceeding.
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      Originally posted by Mr. Security View Post
      You don't have to be an FBI agent to detect suspicious activity such as individuals photographing the site, parked along the perimeter, and so forth.
      This is very true statement and remember that FBI is basically a 'wait till it happens then figure out how it happened, then tell everyone what they should have done and what they would have done if they knew it was gonna happen' type of Agency.

      Though they say that they are trying to be more proactive...a leopard doesn't change it's spots overnight and these LE agencies will take decades to change to meet the threat of today and by then we will have a new threat so they will need to change yet again always being a step behind where they should be.

      Don't buy into the hype LEA's will actually build up the threat if not actually stage an event just to make themselves look good and never mind 'bending the truth'.

      Where do most of us work? I have worked in the past ten years at the following...Schools, Large sporting events, Hospitals, Chemical plant, Concerts, Malls, Hotels/Motels and thats what I can remember off the top of my head...This is the hole that the private sector could and should be filling exept that no one is on the same page.

      I'm sure most people here can say the same thing and have worked at even more sensitive public and private places that are all "Critical Infrastructure" where you can actually have a mass casualty situation at a moments notice.

      These targets are all mostly protected by Private Security and we are the actual "first responders" for these places not the locals be they EMS or PD...we are there at these critical spots while the locals set up their 1000th speed trap and while these checkpoints are important would you think that maybe we could use some of the free training and equipment that the local have but won't need as soon as we will.

      Do you think that some of this equipment that is meant for "critical infrastructre" could actually be staged near the target areas?

      I know I will be attacked on this but I'm just keeping it real. I just get frustrated that all of the public agencies are so scared that they are not getting what the other guys have but we, us the Private guys don't have a shot at any new training or equipment most of the time while some little landlocked podunk town in the middle of nowhere will have a speedboat.


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        Well, it appears there are some steps being made to enhance a Mall Security Officer's abilities in regards to terrorism, and a possible attack. Albeit from the Shopping Center Industry itself, but its better than nothing.

        I am currently completing the training listed here:
        (the one at the bottom)

        From what Ive seen so far, its pretty decent training, including basic NIMS, the NAERG and various types of attacks a Shopping Center may incur. The training generally talks about signs and symptoms of various attacks (CBRNE), and the realization, that a Mall Security Officer may be the "first responder" for a terrorism Incident, thus pressing the acronym RAIN.



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          Originally posted by sgtnewby View Post
          Well said.
          Thank you!
          formerly C&A


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            Originally posted by SecTrainer View Post
            I understand the "business" arguments but I think they're flawed. Security actually could be much more expensive than it is now and, assuming it were also better because of more professionalism, still add to the bottom line, not detract from it. In fact, cheap security that does not achieve its mission is what's really expensive.
            To be honest and straightforward, to know whether cheap security is really more expensive would require looking at the actual profit/loss sheets for companies that use security.

            My opinion is that, like most other issues regarding business, especially big business, short term profitability is likely high while long term profitability suffers. In other words, the quarterly reports to share holders look good because insurance premiums and liability are low, but a serious critical study of the books would show a serious profit loss accumulating over the long term. But that is a "corporate culture" issue that affects everything, not just security.

            To get anything done NOW- at least within a few years time- the gvt has to get involved.

            On a side note, one of my patrols takes me directly through the down town area of the city I work in. The place is crawling with security officers. If these were scaled according to level of security, and readily identifiable to LE, emergency services etc. they could be a major asset in the case of any major natural or man made event.
            formerly C&A