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Any Safety Officers for Medical facilities around here?

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  • Chucky
    This thread may be of some insight as to what you may be getting into for better or worst ??.

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  • Any Safety Officers for Medical facilities around here?

    Hey everyone, I first joined this forum I was still working armed security for a company that I did not particularly enjoy. The work was long, boring (welcome to security, right?)...and worst of all I was guarding a shoe store. Some of the stores I liked, others I loathed (When the store manager hates the security officers and tells the staff that any employee is caught talking to the guard will be written up, it makes for a looooong day).

    Anyway, that company was the typical security company that does not value training or actual security operations. The hiring process was all too easy (Can you fog up a mirror? **Usually** Ok, you're hired.), and the training consisted of them telling me not to sit down too much, not be on the phone to much, and try to stay on the sales floor in view as often as possible.

    Long story short, I left that company in December of 2005 and went back to selling retail auto parts (which is what I was doing before working security, but with a different auto parts company) and planned on doing that until I was finished with college, when I would start looking for a career in law enforcement.

    A few months back I had a customer come in while wearing his hospital security uniform and I started talking with him about his job, and that I used to work for a shady security company, but left because I valued my life more than I valued getting to relax at work. He's been working at a hospital for 16 years and asked me if I ever thought about getting into it, I told him yeah, and that I actually had looked at his hospitals website, but that the hospital required 100% availability, which I didn't have because I'm still in college.

    I must've talked with him for almost an hour, telling him about my internship with a police department, and my work history and he said if I wanted to come and work there, he'd try to get me in but I had to get my resume up on the website.

    I went home and thought it over, but when I went to the site it said that only temporary work was available. Since I have a steady full time job, I didn't want to throw that away for temp security work.

    Anyway, he called me last night and told me there were 2 full time midnights spots coming open in the next couple weeks, and asked me if I still wanted to come and work for them. I said I would definitely be interested and talked with him for about half an hour last night, and while not trying to count my chickens before they hatch, I think I'll be working hospital security in a few weeks.

    I'm interested in hearing from any other guards on advice on what REAL Security work (No offense to anyone else, but I don't think what I was doing counted.) is all about. Also, any other medical facility staff on site here? If so, what do you do, what are your responsibilities, how do you enjoy your job?

    The guy I was talking with last night seems to think that this department will be becoming Public Act 330, I don't fully understand what it means, but he said he thinks it will give us powers of arrest similar to the Mall Security officers in our area. Any clarification on what this actually is?

    Thanks a ton everyone, looks like I'll actually fit in around here again soon!!
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