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  • I must be nuts

    Lord, Bless my soul for i must be nuts,
    As i wear a gun, on my hip, yip yip
    To my left is my trusty beatin stick, yip yip
    but no vest i wear i swear, yip yip
    for brave am i, ki yi, i must like to want to die, ki yi
    never fear for an security guard am i, yip yip,
    lying here waiting to die no one near, ki yi,
    for when i die, who will shed a tear? no one i fear, yip yip
    I sit here feet on desk, shoes off, twirling my beating stick, yip yip
    bullets on the counter, duty belt on the floor, yip yip
    i am a security guard, yip yip

    they call me YOUR AVERAGE GUARD, the one thats drunk, smelly, and well kinda dumb, and not to smart. ... ... .. .. .. .

    remember bethrean we that take the unoffical oath to protect our clients and their property that everyday we wake my just be our last so we should live everyday to its fullest, do you want to be remember as the "average guard" in the poem i wrote above, or would you rather be remebered for who you are ? the dedicated guard ? i ask you this because it is often easy to subbcome to ways of laziness and contplatencey, i know my self i have caught slipping a time or two, but i have always remembered to buck up, its easy to become the average guard.... but remeber is that you? the guy that just shows up in a half ass uniform just to collect a pay check ? that is not me. Rounds and detex i will do, preventive safety checks i will do, escorts i will provide...

    so remember today could be the day you die.... so strive to do the best you can while at work. i ask you to take that challenge, locate the fire extinguishers in your work place, if its been awhile since your read your post orders reread them you may be amazed at what you may have forgotten, if you dont have post orders ask your company why, reread and make sure your emergency contact list is up to date, one building i recently trained at was out dated by 6 years, you as well as i know that in those 6 years emergency contact may have change.. as personnal move on...

    blah end rant....
    Its not how we die that counts.....
    Its not how we lived that counts....
    all that matters is how we saved that one life that one time by being in the right place at the right time....

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    Yep, can't count the number of times I think I should have my head examined
    for doing this kind of work but, something keeps calling me back?