According to James F. Robinson, the curator of the Private Security Memorial, the World Security Congress in 2000 designated November 8th as "World Private Security Guard Memorial Day." Now, through some checking, I have determined that there is an event called the "World Security Congress," and that it travels around the world every few years. Its in Brazil this year.

Unfortunately for me, this appears to be a trade show, and their site from the year 2000 is extremely slow, being hosted somewhere in Asia. So, I cannot find any verification of this date, why it was chosen, where it would apply to, and if any US signatories (industry members, basically) to this congress were in attendance.

Verification of this would be useful to me, as it would mean an "official industry body" is enforcing this date. According to Mr. Robinson's posts, the proscribed manner of recognition of the date is to wear a purple ribbon. My limited research indicates that a purple ribbon is to signify domestic violence awareness, and violence against others in general.

I would rather not have anything that is promotable be "confused" or accused of "latching on" to another more prominent cause.

But, of course, being me, I have other plans in reference to methods of recognition.