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Any Info on Panattoni?

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  • Any Info on Panattoni?

    I know this is strange, but any help would be great! I was curious, but who (is it in-house, or contract) handles the Security services for the large corporation Panattoni?

    This corp is a california based company, that is also a Fortune 500 club, and from what I understand, pretty high end.

    A few of their facilities have been developed in our area, and I have seen security vehicles with no markings rolling around their parking lots. So, if anyone knows anything about them, please share with me!

    Thank you!
    Deputy Sheriff

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    Have you tried calling them to find out or speaking directly with one of the drivers of their unmarked vehicles?


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      Well, here's the problem with that.. The vehicles are unmarked, have no numbers listed on the vehicle, the sites have no contact points found, and no management offices.

      I did one night pass by a facility and seen one of their security vehicles, as after being in this industry as long as I have, and common sense, it was obvious it was a patrol vehicle. But actually making contact has been difficult, as when I pass by, I am generally in the midst of rush hour traffic, and pulling out is impossible, not to mention a hit and miss.

      I do know I may have to make contact with them one of these nights, but I was hoping someone here knew a bit about them, lol!
      Deputy Sheriff