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  • N. A. Corbier
    U.S. Security Associates operates security services under about 5 different names, including Advance Security, Employer's Security Company (ESCO), Metro Security, Advance Metro, and U. S. Security.

    They are one in the largest in the United States, a member of NASCO (National Association of Security Company Owners), and the epitome of a large security firm.

    Most of their contracts specialize in observe and report (only) security, with value added services including custodial, valet, and other traditionally "non-security" functions.

    Most posts are unarmed, and the company prohibits their employees from carrying weapons or becoming confrontational with violators as a matter of liability reduction.

    As far as benefits, when I worked for a US Security Associates branch in the 1990s, you did not ask about benefits until you were at the one year mark. I do not believe they were competitive, but that was years ago.

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  • hippieelmo
    started a topic Comments about U.S. Associates/Benefits

    Comments about U.S. Associates/Benefits

    I have been reading the posts for a while, but I didn't have a account,but now I do. I was told that U.S. Associates might have taken over the account I work at. I have never heard of them. I checked out there website, but there isn't much on there. Any comments about them (are they just the same as all the others?) What benefits do they have? The have Kaiser?