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    Job Title:
    Protective Services Officer

    Facilities Management, Protective Services

    Location Address
    401 W. Jefferson St.
    Phoenix, AZ 85003
    Conditions of Employment
    ************************************************** ************************************************** *******************************************

    State of Arizona Security Guard or Armed Guard Card
    State of Arizona Private Investigator Card
    State of Arizona Concealed Weapon Permit Card (CCW)

    Please note in the resume section (Step 1) of your application possession of one of the above. Failure to indicate that you possess one of these qualifications in the resume section (Step 1) of your application will result in your application being removed from further consideration for this position.
    ************************************************** ************************************************** *********************************************
    1st Shift: $13.52 Per Hour
    2nd Shift: Additional $0.50 Per Hour ($14.02)
    3rd Shift: Additional $0.75 Per Hour ($14.27)
    Position Qualifications
    High School Diploma or G.E.D. and three years experience working in a security-related capacity within a criminal justice system, business, or military police environment. Possession of one of the following is required at time of application and must be included as noted in Conditions of Employment section above: State of Arizona Security Guard or Armed Guard Card, State of Arizona Private Investigator Card, or State of Arizona Concealed Weapon Permit Card (CCW). Must be familiar with and able to use Alarm and CCTV systems, firearms, pepper spray, electronic screening and x-ray stations, hand-held metal detection equipment, and two-way radio systems. Knowledge of legal terminology, experience testifying in court, conducting investigations and good documentation skills, and strong verbal and written communications skills required. Officers are required to carry and use a firearm; officers must meet qualifications and required standards and have and maintain a State of Arizona CCW permit.

    NOTE: Candidates who complete the interview process and are being considered for selection will be required to undergo a thorough background check to include criminal history and employment verification.

    ADDITIONAL NOTE: An Arizona Driver's License in good standing is required at time of hire.

    PREFERRED: CPR/First Aid certification
    Essential Job Tasks
    Inspects buildings and grounds including off-site locations to observe and secure facilities against fire and other situations of potential loss to the County. Admits and releases authorized persons, removes unauthorized persons and provides access control for approved personnel. Screens the general public from entering County buildings with weapons by visual observance using walk-through and/or hand held metal detectors and x-ray machines. Investigates and documents disturbances and incidents, takes charge which may involve the use of physical restraints to maintain order, safety and to protect property. Cooperates with in-house staff and external law enforcement agencies while conducting investigations. Testifies in court as required. Must be able to operate a security command center, which includes monitoring a CCTV system, Hirsch Access Control Systems, digital alarm receivers to include fire, burglar and 911-computer system. Provides escorts as requested to County facilities and parking lots. Abides, follows and enforces County policies applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations. Enforces Countywide parking regulations by issuing tickets, booting vehicles and controlling traffic as needed. Must meet division firearms and annual training requirements. Special assignments relating to executive protection of elected officials, work place violence issues and protecting County owned equipment and property. Will be required to operate County vehicles to include bikes, golf carts and patrol cars.

    This should just about cover it.


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      Some of you have posted your career path. It's always interesting to see where someone has been and the direction they are headed. My career path started after my discharge from the USMC. I was home for three days and was contacted by NASA. Since I had a TS clearance, I was a "good fit" for their security organization. I then went spent quite a few years in LE at the local and state levels. I also owned my own private investigations and SO business. I then spent about 20 years in the retail loss prevention/security sector and I am now an independent security management consultant. In looking back, I wish I had started my consulting practice earlier in life.
      Retail Security Consultant / Expert Witness
      Co-Author - Effective Security Management 6th Edition

      Contributor to Retail Crime, Security and Loss Prevention: An Encyclopedic Reference


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        I work at two of the state rest areas which are parallel to each other. (there are 144 of them in Florida) We answer to FDOT directly and hardly have any contact with the office. For the exception of paper work, uniforms and the usual BS. We all here are armed CPOs and have what is called a DOT Captain that over sees the operations in the rest areas. Most of what we do is just keep the patrons safe and watch out for the usual problems. Most of which is mostly dealing with violators and problem people. And to make sure patrons adhere to the DOT administrative regulations of the state rest areas. If they don’t we tell them to leave. If they don’t a FDOT Officer or State Trooper is more than happy to convince them. From time to time the SO gets involved depending on the problem. If there is an issue or communications need the DOT Captain directly speaks with a DOT agent. My background is municipal law enforcement, degree in Criminology, Corporate security and presently self studies on forensic applications in regards to identification and processing evidence. I plan on taking some courses in due time. I hope to apply with the county in their AFIS and citizen (missing, suspects, etc.) tracking division.
        My views, opinions and statements are my own. They are not of my company, affiliates or coworkers.

        -Being bagger at Publix has more respect these days

        -It's just a job kid deal with it

        -The industry needs to do one of two things; stop fiddling with the thin line and go forward or go back to that way it was. A flashlight in one hand and your set of keys in the other


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          Honorable discharge from Navy in 1989. I worked as a security guard in town at the convention center for 2 years while going to college. Graduated college and worked for a large civil engineering company until 1997. Got burnt out working 120 hrs a week so I quit. Worked as a bartender for a year to relax (had alot of security situations there as well). Started working for a security company installing cameras, access systems, etc.. Mainly worked at DoD and government sites. I bought 40% of the comapny in 1999. Me and my business partner noticed a need for portable systems. Designed and built our first prototype in 2000. I am now V.P. of the company and we deliver portable systems for use all over the world with L.E., Homeland Security, and Military. The hardest part of my job is keeping up with technology that constantly changes.