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Is FOPSO open to LP/Assets protection agents?

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  • Is FOPSO open to LP/Assets protection agents?


    I was wondering if LP Agents would be considered part of the FOPSO community? I do not work in a uniformed position, but a good portion of my job at a major national retailer involves safety/fire/employee protection, etc. This is in conjunction with theft investigations, apprehensions and operational shrink issues. The bottom line is we do a lot more in protecting the customers/employees than the job description may list. I have noticed many different backgrounds in my line of work, from the strictly business orientated people to the military/public safety backgrounds. Some don't consider themselves anything other than "business" people and probably wouldn't even consider the FOPSO, but I think many of us in Loss Prevention look for that type of organization and find it great that there are other professionals out there with the same direction. Thanks for the feedback

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    From the Articles of Association of the Grand Lodge, of which subordinate lodges (which there are none) are required to uphold...

    Article 4, Section 1:
    1. "Private Protective Service Officer" shall mean an employee or principal of a private organization providing protection or security services to a public or private entity by means of detection, observation, apprehension, investigation, or enforcement of laws. This definition includes, but is not limited to, contract security officers and guards with or without arrest authority; "in-house" security officers and guards who are employed in an employee-employer relationship with or without arrest authority; and special or unusually appointed police officers of a political subdivision of the United States Government employed by private organizations, who's primary duty is the protection of personnel or assets.

    Article 5, Section 1:
    Any full or part time Private Protective Service Officer is eligible to join the Fraternal Order of Protective Service Officers, subject to provisions in these Articles of Association. FOPSO welcomes any member of the private protective services, regardless of their standing as a "law enforcement officer" or lack of arrest powers, into the Order. Private Law Enforcement Officers are specifically excluded from the ranks of other organizations, and are welcomed into the Order.
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