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    hello to all,
    i am going to start training next wk. for a co. named u.s. security associates in tampa fl. this position will be lp at a supermarket. any info. on the company and lp as it pertains to grocery would be greatly appreciated.

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    you've come to a great resource -- make sure to check out our forum dedicated to LP/Retail Security


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      Weclome to the world of retail grocery loss prevention. Just be sure you are clear on what is expected of you. There is often a grey area between the client and contractor when services are outsourced.
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        It's hands off and no pursuit out of the store. You work plain cloths and cover 3-5 stores in an area (supermarkets). You personally purchase a couple of those cheap FRS radios. When you go on duty you give the Manager on Duty one and start to wander around. When you observe a theft you notify the MoD and both of you attempt the stop. If the person bolts, that's it. Have a nice day come back again.

        I spoke with the ops manager for US Security Assoc when I was down in Tampa for a couple months. They are a good group of people, but I don't think I could put up with it. I'm sure you get plenty of peaceful stops but we all know that is not all the time.

        About the only think I liked about it is that I believe you make your own hours as long as you cover every store and get 40 hours.


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          This has always amused me, because its illegal under Florida Statutes to have a plain-clothes security person for more than a "reasonable time," i.e. 3 days, performing security duties.

          These accounts have always been the realm of private investigation, and require a CC or C license to perform, because the person is not protecting assets, they are investigating breaches of the law (retail theft) for a contracted client.
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