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  • DYEwitness

    Is this stuff Legal in NSW? Some people are telling me it is and some are tellingme its not , i emailed the police they are yet to respond and customs are closed....

    Last edited by joecolerulz; 04-12-2007, 06:35 AM.

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    I've heard of people carrying it, but you need to remember one thing about DYEWitness: It doesn't cause pain or panic, it just pisses them off. Be prepared for a pissed off aggressor.
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      It can temporary disable there vision , that one second could be all you need.


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        Originally posted by joecolerulz
        It can temporary disable there vision , that one second could be all you need.
        If it does that it would be illegal in Canada.

        A sugestion. Ask a lawyer, not the police.
        I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
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          its Legal in Australia. Its actually made in canada so its legal there to.


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            This stuff sounds like Pepper Foam, minus the pepper. I am pretty sure its legal, since its a defensive spray. Since the only long term effect is the 8 days of being "green", I am pretty sure theres no litigation to its deployment.

            I personally dont see the point to it. Most defensive sprays have a UV marking agent mixed in them, so its not something new. Products like DefTec and Sabre have a marker in them that when a UV light is used on the skin, it is appearant that that person has been marked. So, just coloring someone seems to be more of an aggitant. If you are going to spray someone, make sure theres some heat behind it. PepperFoam has a blinding agent in it, along with the capsicum heat, so I think this DYE product is more for the tree friendly defenders, LOL!

            I see its made by LEgear, and I am researching that one, because DefTec has an LE gear product line that is cheaper then there brand name First Defense products, and hold more product per can. So, I dont know if its the same manufactorer.
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              I understand what you are saying Mall Director but here in Australia only people in 1 state and the police can carry OC no security officers can. DYEWitness is a great detterent and how will perps know its not OC? They wont so most people will back off and if you do spray it in a persons face it will block there vision for a few seconds as it foams up quickly for the chance to escape or detain the subject.