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Privatizing Police Powers

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    Originally posted by Christopherstjo
    Be that as it may be, both can be achieved at the same time as each are two distinctively different goals and journey's pursued.

    Maybe I might agree with you if not for the fact that my program has never been tried beyond the basic concept, which was proved to be successful in a major metropolitan city, for a year and for, which I was a participant in the capacity of an unarmed security officer.

    Yes, there will undoubtedly be logistical problems and even nightmares at times, this is the learning process and all programs have growing pains. I do not agree that there will be variences in training and responsibilities, however.

    It will be an application process where interested security officers will file an application and then be interviewed. The process will be extensive, in other words, more than 25 words.

    Because of Title 17, security officers will have to operate in the capacity of their employment. Therefore, employers will contract with the city and / or the KCPD for a fee for service. By the city becoming the client, security officers can operate on/in city streets without violating Title 17. Currently, the city already contracts with two security company's to patrol the down town city streets. However, the contract fee need not be any more than what it costs to pay the wages of the DIVE Team security officers, or it may be more. This will be up to the powers that be in the city / police governments.

    While I cannot give a specific dollar amount, as of yet, I do not foresee any thing more than a very minimal start up cost for basic equipment. If the city / police are not willing to provide the training for free, which is well within their purview to do then funds would be needed for this as well. As for long term costs in way of equipment, it will be the costs of maintaining pagers and two-way radio's for each of the DIVE Team security officers. As I wrote earlier, grants from the USDOJ, COPS program is a very good and probable source of funding.

    My program greatly differs from the Salvation Army and the Red Cross, as these organizations provide humanitarian services in way of food, shelter, clothing and religious services by the Salvation Army. My program specifically focuses on providing front line security services that serve to empower police to focus their efforts, skills and what not on the immediate emergency existing rather than doing front line security work. This in turn makes for a more efficient and effect emerency management response system and saves tax revenue in the process that is then redirected into other critical police dept needs.

    FEMA stated its' interest in my program but wants the program implemented on the local level (city) first with documented successes before it will consider implementing it within the FEMA structure.

    Better training than what is currently available to front line security officers; better job opportunities because of more advanced skills, brighter future employment opportunities; postive standing in the industry and community, higher self-respect and self-esteem, etc, etc.

    No, I have never attended the "police" academy. I have attended professional security school in both basic and supervisory aspects of security, as well as schooling in nursing and criminal justice, I have also proactively sought out numerous certifications in related subject matters. I have an accumulated 21 years as a mental health professional specializing in forensic case management and counseling, psych and behavioral management with extremely high risk violent clients. I have 15 years in the criminal justice system, apart of which includes the private security industry in both armed and unarmed capacities. I have actively studdied constitutional law for 15+ years and I have litigated various cases. I am currently litigating a case in fedeal court centering, in part, on Title 17 as it relates to security officers having the due process and equal proteciton of law right to a fair and impartial hearing before an employer is permitted to terminate the security officer. In 2005 and 2006, I was recognized by the Association of Trial Lawyers of America as a lawyer and offered a membership as such. However, I willingly and rigtfully turned the offer down because I am not a licensed lawyer and the Association knew this beforehand; it was nevertheless an honor but would have been grossly unethical to accept the membership. I was a Health and Safety Instructor for the American Red Cross for five years, to-wit, was essentially a second job given the high amount of hours I volunteered as an Instructor. And I have accomplished many other things as well.

    As my program outline states, there will be three entities in command: One City official, one police department official and one security official. The city and police officials take the lead in determining if and when the DIVE Team is to be activcated. The security official commands the field operations.

    To some extent the Blackhawk U.S.A. security force somewhat [emphasis on somewhat] correlates to my DIVE Team program. But only insofar as taking more active roles in partnering with police and FEMA officials as it did during Huricain Katrina. But because Blackhawk U.S.A. engages in conduct far more extensive than my program is intended and designed to do, it only reflects a small correlation to my program - but is the only one I can think of right now because my program has never before been tried.

    I am aware of this, yet, even the best and most intelligent still make mistakes. Having dislexia sometimes gets in the way and being up all hours of the night working on the computer certainly does not help either. But yes, I use my spell / gramer check routinely, yet, even in that I notice it does not catch everything.

    Except for my graduating nursing college and the training I received from the American Red Cross, no. This does not, however, equate to a lack of need to consider my program. Keep in mind that my program focuses on front line security services that are incorporated into existing emergency management plans and procedures. This is not reinventing the wheel here. It is rather taking a good system and making it more efficient and more effective that serves a substantial public good and empowers more advanced personnel (police) to focus on what they are trained to do while saving tax revenue in the process.

    The basic concept of my program has already been tried and proved to work in a major metropolitan city, in a year long pilot program.
    Thank you Chris for answering those questions. I can now understand your program a bit better. It will be interesting to see how your efforts pan out.


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      Originally posted by Investigation
      Thank you Chris for answering those questions. I can now understand your program a bit better. It will be interesting to see how your efforts pan out.
      I appreciate your questions and the opportunity to respond. Sorry about the delay; I have ten irons in the fire and only two hands. In any event, it has been a five year journey and I, naturally, hope success is achieved here in KCMO given the interest I have received, thus far, in my program.

      P.S. I did some editing to my original reply from that which you copied, in part, to fix the typo's, spelling and added things needed to be said, as I generaly tend to do after I post the intitial reply.
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        As far as spelling mistakes, people using Firefox 2.0+ have built-in spell checking in any web form (like this one I'm typing in), as well as other features.
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          Originally posted by N. A. Corbier
          As far as spelling mistakes, people using Firefox 2.0+ have built-in spell checking in any web form (like this one I'm typing in), as well as other features.
          I would like to get a better software program than I have; mine sucks, as it not only misses words that I have [intentionally] misspelled to see if it would catch the error, but it also sucks in way of grammer. The spell check program I have is the one that came with the computer.

          Is there spell check on this forum when you are typing a response to post? I have not been able to locate it if it exists.


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            As I said, the web browser program Firefox (versions 2.0 or higher) provides spell checking for all forms on a website.

            Mozilla is the not-for-profit behind the lightning fast Firefox browser. We put people over profit to give everyone more power online.
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            "Every time I see another crazy Florida post, I'm glad I don't work there." ~ Minneapolis Security on Florida Security Law


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              I got word this morning that the State of Missouri is going to review and consider my DIVE Team program, in the scope of providing effective and efficient security services in public places. This comes in wake of the Tech School shooting.


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                Senate Bill 2172

                FL SENATE and HOUSE introduce legislation giving arrest/detention authority to security officers in the State of Florida. If the legislation passes, it goes into effect Jul 1, 2008.

                CHECK FOR SB 2172.
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                  OMG! why did you necro this thread?!
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