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    Originally posted by Mall Director
    You know.. I will check into that! Thats actually a good idea! I may need that, as one of the other complaints filed was for the treatment of his son during our processing.. Things got a little sticky there, in that his son made some false accusations that were pretty horrendous. This one we are working out now, so it may be beneficial to have that as an option if the father wants to continue!

    It may have to be persued in civil claims.
    Good. You might save the next security officer who isn't as savvy from a nightmare legal problem.
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      Mr. Security, you put your finger dead center on the problem. Mall Director is seasoned and can pass on his knowledge to those in his tutelage. Now think of those with no experience be supervised by those with little or no experience. Management does not know or care as long as the cash keeps flowing their way. Some managers I've met wouldn't know the difference between scat and a bad grade of honey.
      This again is an excellent example of constructive disputation. Kudos to all!
      I have forwarded the contents of this threat to a mall security professional who no doubt will find this instructive.
      Enjoy the day,


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        Originally posted by Mall Director
        Its amazing how we were able to "hose" a large irrate subject, persue him down through the parking lot, initiate arrest tactics twice, and end up on the cold hard ground, then place direct control over him , to then have him say "great job" afterwards, all because of a simple "are you Ok? You will be alright" comment by on of the sergeants! Wow.. I am taken back by this.
        First off, I think you and your officers did a fine job handling the situation. The subject was obviously there to cause trouble, and you used a great deal of restraint with him. Remember, it was he who took things to the next level, not you or your officers.

        Concerning his conflicting statements (after the situation and then filing a complaint the next day)... he obviously went home, told friends about the situation, and they told him: "Security can't do that to you! They aren't cops, just security! It's because you're a minority, and it was totally a racial thing. Complain and file a lawsuit because you'll win."


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          Originally posted by wilrobnson
          My son's old school district was telling the kids to call 911 if their parents so much as threatened to spank them.
          Apparently not the school district in which I work... Which one, if you don't mind my asking? (You can reply through PM.)

          Originally posted by wilrobnson
          to see whether or not they could intervene, along with the police and CPS
          Most cops I know would say that parents don't spank their kids enough. Work with juvenile delinquents long enough, and you'll agree...

          Originally posted by wilrobnson
          Of course, this was the same place that wanted to hold a parent-teacher conference with a school resource officer (cop) present after my son (5 at the time) was seen by the teacher drawing a picture of a gun in the margin of one of his notebooks.
          I wouldn't have wasted my time (as a school security officer), nor would our SRO. Indeed, in art class, a lot of kids draw action heroes/soldiers/gun-wielding figures. That's just common sense.


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            I put a teenager in an LVNR, of a race not of my own, and LIFTED HIM up by it, the parent stated that she would sue me. He had one hand on my gun, and there were about 20 friends surrounding him. I hosed his friends with OC to clear a path, gave him a LVNR lift, then threw him, and joined in him running.

            As I've said before, unless it was a felony, we couldn't arrest anyone. We could, however, use force to defend ourselves or others. Just not arrest.

            Its been 3 years, no service yet.
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              There are several factors to condiser when comptemplating about being sued. Among them are the venue (which court) the suit will be filed in, state or federal. Each has its own rules and case laws to govern and decide any given allegation made.

              The second is that of the specific claims that will be made - from what you wrote, I do not find they will have a claim for which relief may be granted since the suspect was given multiple requests to vacate the property, yet, refused to do so and it appears "mother" was antagonizing the situation as well in the fact of multiple witness statements claiming to have feared for the security officers safety.

              Moreover, given that OC was used and then followed up by providing extended first aid beyond what company policy required shows efforts to minimize the damages, if any, that might have otherwise occurred or that might be claimed to have occurred.

              It is highly improbable that any suit that could, might be or will be filed will be successful even without the security officers having qualified immunity.


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                While Colorado provides qualified immunity to private citizens performing a citizen's arrest (which is what they did), not many states do. If you live in a state without codified arrest powers for private citizens, or for security personnel specifically, and these codified arrest powers do not cover immunity from prosecution for lawful arrests... You have a large problem, as you're open to a lawsuit.

                You can minimize this large problem by training and conferring with legal counsel who tells you how to deal with it, and not "don't do it."
                Some Kind of Commando Leader

                "Every time I see another crazy Florida post, I'm glad I don't work there." ~ Minneapolis Security on Florida Security Law


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                  Mall Director it sounds like your Sgt.'s handled the situation appropriately. I know how parents can be when you suspend a juvenile from a mall. Last weeked where I work we had a similar situation but it didn't come to OC. I wouldn't worry about a lawsuit. I'm sure he will try to file one but we live in a sue happy world. Your Incident Report and other documentation should be enough to get the case thrown out. You obviously have a record with this individual so I would have on hand past documentation if you have any concerning any and all contact with the subject. I'm pretty sure your Corporate Legal team knows about the incident. At our Mall the Security Director placed a camera in our holding area that records in real time so no false complaints can be filed because everything is on tape
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                    Good job.

                    It is a shame that after all that effort, all that he can be charged with is criminal tresspass.

                    It'd be nice if what he did was classified as "resisting arrest"

                    Good Luck.
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                      I could have had him charged with harassment, menacing and disorderly conduct, but there was politics behind this as well. I knew if I hemmed him up on several charges, especially with the civil rights issues being thrown around our state and city lately with malls in general, that may aggitate a civil disruption. Especially with the adult claiming the "R-card". Is it right that someone can get away with alot because of race, no. But we have to weigh our battles and options carefully, to win the war in the end! LOL!
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