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    So I bought a house 4 months ago, and the wife and I were in the market to buy some windows, as the house is 157 years old. So we ordered from a guy who was a sales rep for a company out of Connecticut (where we live) Then today another company came and gave us a lower bid $1100 cheaper than the first guy, so I called and cancled.

    Well the dealer who answered the phone gave me crap, and told me that they other companies windows were no comparison. THEN

    Tonight when my wife got home from dinner with her mom and our two 1 year old kids, the sales rep pulls into the driveway and starts to give her BIG BALLS !!!

    IN MY F***** HOUSE this guy comes, and gives my wife an attitude,
    "You know at $9900, we were giving you those windows, the company was actually loosing money on you people" In five years when your house is cold, it's not the house its the windows"

    My wife told him in 5 years, if I call you, you can tell me I TOLD YOU SO now go away.

    I apologize for the rant but I am sooo angry right, now because I wasn't home to hear this and through the SOB off my property. If anyone is thinking of doing windows for there home or business in the Northeast pm me and I will give you the name of the company. I figure if I tell enough people about how rude and nasty they were then people will not use them, word of mouth is a powerful thing and have a BIG MOUTH !!!

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    BBB complaint, please. That is the silliest thing I have heard this week.
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