Security guard saved by bulletproof vest ...

A bulletproof vest may have saved a security guard's life in a shooting incident near Båstad on Sunday night. The man was shot with a handgun in the village of Östra Karup in western Sweden.

"Some fortunate circumstances mean that he is still alive today," said police spokesman Hans Nilsson.
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The security guard was shot in the chest at close range but the bullet did not manage to penetrate his protective vest. He was not serious injured in the attack.

The incident happened after the guard saw three man acting suspiciously outside the premises of a company in Östra Karup just after 1am.

He followed their car for around one kilometre until they pulled over.

In the ensuing scuffle a gun was produced and a shot was fired at the security guard.

The three men immediately drove away from the scene.

According to the security guard, the men were driving a dark Saab 9000. Police in Skåne and Halland were deployed to search for the men but their car has not yet been found.

There are no traces of a crime having been committed at the company where the guard first caught sight of the car.

Police are treating the incident as attempted murder.

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