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    Originally posted by Mr. Security
    Thanks for the input everyone. I formed my own security consulting firm recently. I have clients and revenue, but not enough to go 'solo' yet. I hope to add clients as time goes on. I'll have more options then.

    I also had my manager approve the form that I designed in case a lawsuit should occur. In the meantime, I'll have to 'go with the flow.'
    How much is agency licensing down there? And does your state allow you to work for two companies at one time (Yours and your employers)?
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      I don't know where to start. I do agree, most of the problem is in the management, especially that company I started out with.

      I always said that a company that can afford their own Lear jet can pay more than minimum wage, in order to attract better people, but I may as well yell at a brick wall.

      I was a supervisor(watch commander). Some of those idiot guards would go complaining to the Guard manager(my immediate superior) that I was so hard on them; we locked horns so many times over the simplest things:

      -I never expected anyone to come on duty looking like they were ready for a West Point inspection(although I praised those who went to the trouble to look like a professional), but I have no tolerance for someone who shows up for work looking like a pile of ****(or smelling like one)!! I'd be very direct in telling them to get it together.

      -Paperwork is everything in this business. I have torn up so many reports and activity logs, telling them to do it over, and do it right! I also got a policy instituted to forbid the use of "white out"; violation could get you suspended or terminated, because of so much altered or falsified paperwork.

      -I can understand the "bag monster" getting someone, especially on a boring account, or one where it is hot, or the ventilation is poor. But I had no tolerance of someone who intentionally slept on their post.

      -Same for someone who used alcohol or drugs. Think of the dangers, if nothing else.

      -I always raised hell when equipment was neglected or abused.

      For all of the above, they complained they were not getting paid enough- I asked them how they thought they could be paid more, when they are costing the company so much with such needless negligence and stupidity?

      I was always a proactive employee, even when I was a guard; always looking to make things easier, more effective, and more professional.

      Yet all I got for that in the long run was kicked right in the chops. The Area Manager we had(a real great, straight up guy) left the company, and moved out of state. Company sends us this guy who had to be the biggest joke and disgrace to the security profession. Although I tried to give that guy a fair shake to prove himself, and offered him the respect he was afforded in his position, it became clear as crystal in no time at all that that man did not know his ass from a hole in the ground!!! We butted heads so many times, and I told him he needed to spend some time on the street to see where I was coming from, rather than sit on his duff in his office most of the day reading that stupid newspaper.

      It finally came to a boil when I got called in on the carpet and really reamed out good, about how I was supposedly mean to a certain female officer, as alleged by her beer guzzling account supervisor, who thought he was gonna move up a peg at my expense. As for that female officer: anyone with half an eye could see she was nothing but a spoiled rotten, sheltered, sniveling, stuck up little brat who had no business in the job. No sense of humor, no people skills, and thought everyone was out to get her.

      At that sorry session, the Area Manager and that two faced witch of a Guard Manager were not interested in anything I had to say. They made the decision to suspend me for a week with no pay.

      That did it for me. I went right from there to another company where I knew some people, and was hired by them right away. Within a few weeks, my old company lost two manned accounts and 35 mobile patrol accounts to my new employer. I started out as a grunt, but within a few months I was on patrol, and within a year, I was a Watch Commander again.

      I did take the liberty of writing the President of the former company, asking him in so many nice words why he kept a couple of obvious idiots running the show in that city. I told him my side of the issue, etc.

      What I could never figure out at first was why they came down on me so hard for the sake of one guard, when they normally treated them like cannon fodder? It didn't make sense. Then it hit me, and I did a little investigating; it was just what I thought. That snotty little brat was the Area Manager's daughter!

      Justice does prevail. The drunk SGT who made trouble quit less than 3 weeks after I did(probably mad because he didn't get my position). Little Miss It got his job, but before long, she had her charges and the employees at the account she managed hating her guts, and she began to recieve a lot of threats.
      Corporate soon realized that Area Manager was nothing but a moron, and got rid of him. Guard Manager realized her number was up, and left the company rather suddenly.

      May they all roast in hell.
      Never make a drummer mad; we beat things for a living!


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        Ah, Life at the Main Gate.

        Very interesting posts. They all make good reading.

        In my opinion the best standards are those which are, generally speaking, maintained by Security Guards who are direct employees of the Company who is requiring the service.

        I know of many large multi national Companies who employed their own Security Force and recruited mainly Ex Military, but alas those days are over.

        These days, it's usually the lowest possible Tenderer who gets the job, and in many cases the customer gets what they paid for.


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          Originally posted by N. A. Corbier
          How much is agency licensing down there? And does your state allow you to work for two companies at one time (Yours and your employers)?
          I'll PM you when I get the chance.
          Security: Freedom from fear; danger; safe; a feeling of well-being. (Webster's)


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            Originally posted by Echos13
            Ah yes, the flow. I have been there in the early years when I did uniform part time. I always try to do what's expected of me. But I also learned that sometimes when you give %125 you find it causes a few rebounds with these WM companies. At least when I went home I knew I had done my part as best as I could and then some. Indeed, one must always go with the flow sometimes or at least try to push against the current to keep one's self respect intact. Good luck and I hope things pan out.
            Security: Freedom from fear; danger; safe; a feeling of well-being. (Webster's)


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              Originally posted by Mr. Security
              I'll PM you when I get the chance.
              PM left today.
              Security: Freedom from fear; danger; safe; a feeling of well-being. (Webster's)