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    I'm curious as to what brand of duty gear is the best buy. I started working crime prevention in early February. If you can recommend a good brand and a website to purchase it please do. thanks
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    I'm partial to Uncle Mike, I've put mine through hell and back and is still good to go.


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      Depends, do you want leather or nylon? Basketweave, plain or high gloss leather?

      check out Free shipping and a good guy to purchase from.


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        You already know I'm partial to my Bianchi Accumold..

        But for the price, Uncle Mike's is hard to beat...
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        BANG, next thing you know Bob's your Uncle and this Sgt is seemingly out on his a$$.
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          Spend the extra bucks get either Bianchi or safariland. It will last for a long time and looks good. Check out and look for the WTS Safariland holsters thread. I just bought a full SAFARILAND DUTY BELT FOR $118 (lEATHER PLAIN BLACK) You can also buy Nylon to.


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            Both very good places to get duty gear.
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              [QUOTE=Charger]You already know I'm partial to my Bianchi Accumold..

              I'll second that.
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                Love my accumold wouldn't trade it for nothin


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                  Me, I like Safariland, I've got two full duty belts that are Safariland, one leather and one nylon.


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                    I stand by either Uncle Mike's or Bianchi personally. Currently I'm down with UM however. Though I couldn't find a Level 3 Retention duty holster for a 5 inch barreled USGI M1911 .45ACP by any other manufacturer EXCEPT from Safari Land, which while initially was a pain in the butt for extractions it's a blessing now. ---Won't do me much good though since the post I'm working is non com.


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                      'm partial to my Bianchi Accumold Elite
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                        Bianchi came out with an economy line of nylon gear under the Patroltek name. I believe that both Galls and Quartermasters carry the line.
                        I wore the crap out of my accumold gear. My belt finally gave out so it's time to change it out.
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