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    I always listen to my portable scanner while at work, for 2 things mainly; 1) If they happen to put out a BOL for vehicle, and I see this vehicle before the PD does, I can call dispatch and update them on the last seen area and direction of travel. 2) We frequently have 911 hangup up here calls that the police are dispatched to; 90% of the time they are because of phone line glitches, and a lot of those originate from units on our properties. The 2 Constables and quite a few of the Troopers are happy when they show up to check it out and I or another Officer are waiting at the unit with the Master keys to let them in without having to boot a door down...
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      I once was asked to bring another officer toilet paper. He had a bad attack of the runs and only made it as far as a wooded area. It really was funny.
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        down here

        I have had one or two incidents working in government project homes where I have had to assist the local PD. The officers were not overwhelmed by force, just numbers. A group of punk kids were outside being loud and causing a nuisance and became very belligerent and hostile when PD approached. Our 3 officers patrolling all walked up to give the officers the little extra show of force they needed. Another time, my patrol unit was called in to assist at a local bar. The officer had gotten in too deep and needed a little help. He had about four thugs trying to relieve him of his weapon. In both of these situations, the cops were very appreciative of our presence. It works both ways though. In another instance, I was working on a construction site unarmed and heard something going on in one of my buildings. I radioed patrol to send me some help and then I heard gunfire. I drove my truck over to where the local cops had an intersection blocked and informed them who I was and that I had just heard gunfire. Six officersb showed up within minutes to end what was apparently drug trafficking gone bad.


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          This is an interesting question. I do a visual check when I roll by a police car on a stop when on or off duty. If the officer was obviously in a fight with someone, I would jump out and assist however I could.

          I have had situations where I was with the police already when things went south and then we all just piled on the guy.

          As far as actually "responding" to officer in distress calls, that gets really tricky. I suppose if I was driving down the road and somehow got information that an officer was in a knock down drag out fight a few blocks away, I would head there.

          I know a lot of the the officers personally and if it was one of them calling for help, I would definitely go a little further in my response.


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            My memory is failing me, but just in case..

            I dont know if I responded yet on this one, but it's not uncommon once your department recieves recognition from your local LE agency, to be called to assist.

            I think this last year our department recieved a good 20 assistance calls from our LEO dispatch center. Most were 911 hang-up calls, this way PD did not have to waste manpower to respond as they are required to clear the locations. But we have recieved a few interesting ones.

            One comes to mind of a PD officer who stopped two car loads of subjects involved in an altercation. Seconds later, the PD dispatch center contacted our emergency line and requested assistance to the PD officers location to assist on our property. Once we arrived in our numbers, we fully understood the situation. The PD officer was outnumbered greatly and the situation was not de-escilating any time soon. When it was all said and done and we did our part to help, the PD officer had reported that his nearest back-up was more then 10 minutes away, and knew our response time was measured in seconds. This was the greatest feeling to myself and my personnel, that when it came down to it, and some help in a bad situation would really be needed, the PD could rely on us without a doubt to come and assist! The relief in his eyes when we rolled up was worth a million dollars!

            And by god, we would have done it again regardless of the odds!
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              If I saw a cop getting his butt kicked along the fence line of our plant I'd have my partner cll 911 and I'd wade in to help out. Other than that there's little chance of me knowing about an officer in trouble. We don't patrol outside the plant and the LEOs switched to encripted comms about a year ago. You can't hear them on scanners anymore.
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