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    I currently make $11.00 bucks an hour. A far cry from what I made at my last place of employment of $16.75 bucks an hour. Which is the most I made in this type of work.


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      Originally posted by EMTGuard View Post
      I make $10.50 per hour but I have EMT certification. The non-EMT SOs I work alongside only make $8.50 an hour. Yes I know it sucks but compare that to this regions largest private ambulance service, where I interviewed and was offered a job as an EMT on an ambulance in Baton Rouge. I was going to be paid $7.15 an hour. I walked out of the interview and didn't look back.
      That was my reply almost 2 years ago.
      Things have changed. I no longer work for American Citadel Guard Service as an EMT/SO.
      I now work for Baton Rouge General Hospital system as an in house unarmed Security Representative (Officer) and earn $11.50 per hour plus night shift differentuals of .75cents an hour and weekend differentials of .75cents an hour. I get paid time off, access to affordable benefits and better supervision and work environment.
      Hospital Security Officer


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        As LP for a department store a few years ago, I was making $9/hr

        While working uniformed security, both in-house and contract, I've ranged anywhere between $10/hr to $14/hr.

        And now as a manager for a contract security company, my rate is $20.19/hr, but it's actually salaried.

        I've been searching Monster and Craigslist for part time gigs, and I haven't found anything for $8 or $9 lately Sign of the times I suppose
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