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    Ouch to the warehouse security guards.

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    He said that when he got to the distribution center Feb. 15, the supervisor asked him if he wanted to do the heist on that day, and he agreed. Rodriguez said a man loaded the baby formula in his truck, and Vertilus loaded the empty pallets. He said Vertilus told him not to worry about the guards because he would sign a pass to get him through.
    Does anyone work warehouse security? What is the protocol for warehouses? How could this pass undetected?

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    Originally posted by The Story
    Law enforcement officials in the region have said stolen baby formula is sold on the black market, used to cut drugs or passed off as an illegal drug.
    The thought of junkies snorting powdered baby formula brings a smile to my face

    Junkie 1: "This stuff is awesome, yo!"
    Junkie 2: "I think I feel something!"
    Junkie 1: "Why am I craving mashed carrots?"
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