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  • Poll ----- shifts ?

    • day shift
    • swing
    • grave yard
    • rotating
    • various

    What shifts do you typically work?
    and what is your preference ?
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    Originally posted by UtahProtectionForce
    • day shift
    • swing
    • grave yard
    • rotating
    • various

    What shifts do you typically work?
    and what is your preference ?
    I work days...which kinda have too cause I am the site supervisor. but i prefer days too so it works out


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      I work at my downtown hotel from 15h00 to 23h00. I am then on call by phone for the 3 hotels until 05h00. Being the most senior Officer at the downtown location I should work the day shift but I found it is better to work the afternoon shift & stay awake until 04h00 or 05h00 instead of being woken up 2 or 3 hours before I would have to get up to do the day shift.
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        I currently work midnight shift. 23:00-0730, and it is the shift I like the best because of:

        The 3 others I work with. (1 Sr. Officer and 2 Officers) with 9-18 years of experence. We just work very well together.

        All the freaks come out at night

        $1.75 shift diff.

        No Big bosses!


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          Now that I own the company I, of course work various hours.

          However, when I was the low man on the todem pole I very much preferred midnights. No traffic, less people, calls are in process, or just occured, company administration, and client management are home snoring away. Oh yeah, the midnight shift baby. haha
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            We work 14 days on and 14 days off - 12 hour days.

            The shifts rotate with one tour of days and then one tour of nights.


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              2nd shift (1500-2300) Supervisor. I love it. I don't even set an alarm anymore I get up when I need to. If for some reason I have to get up early to take care of something then I do. I have enough time in the mornings for doctors appts, etc. and still get a good nights sleep


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                Work 3 - 11 shift, because of good days off.


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                  Work the overnight shift 10-6. I love it.


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                    I work midnight to 0800 and actually prefer that shift.


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                      I work 2nd Shift A...


                      On: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

                      Off: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

                      On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

                      Off: Thursday, Friday, Saturday


                      Its nice having more days off in a month than days you work and still making 2100-2500/mo
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                        I work the 8pm to 4 am shift.
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                          I spent long months on all shifts...the longest run was when I did 24:00 to 08:00...was a midnight guy for a long time as a sgt. but now since the promotion I do days....but I wonder if the promotion was worth it cause of all the new headaches....kind of miss nights.....but I still like days.


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                            I work a rotating shift. It works like this. Work 7 night shifts, off 4 days work 7 evening shifts, off 2 days, work 7 day shifts, off 2 days. Then you are back at night shift again. And on and on it goes for years and years now and I can't get it changed. Sometimes when we are a man short the sat and sun of those 7 days turn into 12 hour long shifts so that one of us can be off on a weekend.
                            Beelzebub himself invented this schedule. Well, not really. I invented it. At least where I work. But at the time it was implemented their were 5 people to work and one was senior and he covered the day shift mon - fri unless someone got sick or took vacation then he covered those shifts and took time off during his work week. The rest of us rotated the other two shifts and the day weekend shift. When they got rid of the senior position we went to the one we use now which is a variation of the original but changed to accommodate 4 men instead of 5. Hope that made sense. I know what I am saying and hope the reader does too. It is actually a fair schedule but I really would prefer a straight shift at this point. Anyway, its a good job so I will keep doing my best no matter what the schedule is.
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                              Nights 6pm-6am mostly. Sometimes I get called to cover a day shift. For example, tommorrow, Sunday, I work a day shift, 6am-6pm. Then the next day I'm back on night shift.
                              Nights are easy compared to day shift.
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