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  • See Something, Say Something Or Not?

    You Notice Something Off The Clock

    This morning I had an appointment at a hospital that HSS does security for.
    I was never assigned to that site.

    I never use elevators. While walking up the stairs I noticed evidence of homeless people camping out in the stairwell.

    I very briefly considered giving security a heads up on my way out but I decided it was neither my circus nor my monkeys.

    What would you have done?

    Mind your business and keep walking or give security a courtesy notification.‚Äč
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    I would give security a courtesy notification.


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      I would give a courtesy notification if I had time. Most hospital security seems pretty on the ball; I have no problem helping other professionals. If its something small and I can see (or know) the guard on duty is just a warm body, I don't bother - as my old Lt. used to say, "Not my rodeo."

      I do call in to my site Security if I see something when I'm getting off duty, with the exception of one guard. (Should have been fired over a year ago, but that's another story....) After calling in a couple of homeless addicts hanging out in our lobby, stairs, etc., this clown had the audacity to go to the boss and say I was "...driving around off duty and stirring up trouble..." (The translation is I would tell drug addicts we were closed and I had called Security.)

      If he's working alone and it isn't fire, flood or blood, I don't even bother. Guys like him are why we can't have nice things...and why I've possibly become more cynical than Night Rider...