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Seattle business owners left to fend for themselves on crime

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  • Seattle business owners left to fend for themselves on crime

    Seattle business owners left to fend for themselves on crime take matters into their own hands

    From the article.

    Seattle business owners outraged by the city’s crime trend put together a town hall-style meeting at a local barber shop to speak out about the violence and danger they face and to call on city leadership to take control​.

    Seattle city council’s number one job should be to protect the citizens of Seattle," Kevin Rinderle with Yukon Trading Company said at the meeting Tuesday, according to KOMO News. "We’re here collectively begging for help."

    Matt Humphrey, owner of Steele Barber and Spa in Ballard, said he organized the meeting to talk about possible solutions to crime issues as businesses contend with rampant break-ins, vandalism, drug use, violence and homelessness.

    "When it comes to crime in Seattle, I just don't want to be silent anymore," Humphrey said.

    Further on in the article a business owner states that he stations one of his employees at the front door to simply lock the door if anyone shady approaches the store.

    This goes back to my previous question, what is security's role when the police are prevented from (or won't) enforce the law.

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    You're seeing more and more armed guards. They can't detain for property crimes (and the city doesn't prosecute if its under $1000), but they can run them off. Sadly, the SJWs still roam the streets with their cell phones, ready to jump in when some poor "housing challenged" person is being "harassed" by Security.

    You do what you can, but the city has less than 500 patrol officers at this point. You won't see any vigilante action or owners arming themselves - I've never lived in a city with so many weak minded and clueless citizens. The Police Chief is a joke - just towing the City Council's line of, "Well, its bad, but its not THAT bad..."

    We just got new Kevlar vests, due to all the shootings in the neighborhood. More and more we're seeing homeless people openly carrying knives and metal pipes - we have new OC gel that's got a bit more punch to it. You show up with as many guards as you can, try to de-escalate and hope for the best.