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Have you ever been asked to perform non security duties by a client?

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  • Have you ever been asked to perform non security duties by a client?

    That One Lazy Assed Coworker

    I worked overnights on a site that included two bank buildings connected by a hotel. Since I'm retired and Allied can't do anything to me about this I'm going to go ahead and tell you it was the antlers DoubleTree Plaza in downtown Colorado Springs.

    So I get to work one night and the guy I'm relieving is standing in the ATM lobby of the Wells Fargo Tower. Next to a broken window and a pile of glass. He's been "unable to perform patrols" for his entire shift because he's guarding this broken window (In a door that's never locked in a Lobby that's open to the public 24/7).

    Apparently, he hasn't found any time during this shift while he's just standing there to do an incident report on the broken window.

    So he leaves and the field supervisor calls me and wants me to do the incident report (if I had it to do all over again I would have refused).

    Then the maintenance guy for the building shows up and wants to know why I haven't cleaned the glass up out of the lobby.

    "No my yob?"

    So this guy is telling me how we all have to pitch in and work together and basically go get a broom and clean up this mess peon. So I do (Again, I shouldn't have).

    Now this idiot's trying to put plywood over the window. He's got two pieces of plywood bolted together one inside the window and one out and every time he tightens down one Bolt the other one gets loose.

    Again, I should have kept my mouth shut but I explained to the guy what was happening and told him to loosen up both bolts until they were just snug enough to hold the plywood in place.

    So how do you handle it when client employees want you to step outside the scope of your duties?

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    We've talked about this before on the forum; comes up every couple of years. I think it is a case by case basis. I've never worked a job where I just did security; there were always small tasks that made the shift go by quicker, so I didn't mind. I'm a big believer in the "broken windows theory." A clean, well lit, secure property has less problems. I will change a light bulb, pick up small trash and fix a door jam myself, because it makes things more secure and it doesn't take much time out of patrol.

    You would have been proud of me, NR, the time I refused to move 10 tables, 100 chairs and other equipment at a hotel. I knew exactly what had happened - they forgot they had an event planned, their Maintenance guys got off earlier and wouldn't come back, and they figured they'd get the guard to do it. I told them flat out, "No - there's three of you (all women), you can figure it out. If I get injured, L&I may not cover me. Not taking the risk." I got a verbal reprimand for "not being cooperative," but they never wrote me up. (And I did help them, but they did the bulk of the work.)

    The big risk is mission creep - clients keep adding duties on quiet sites so that suddenly you're doing 25% security, 75% housekeeping, clerical, maintenance, etc. In that case all you can do is bring it up with the appropriate supervisor and they have to decide what to do. I did work for a company that dropped a contract (it was small and probably not profitable anyways) that used the night guard as janitor and pool cleaning boy - we were so glad to get moved off that site.

    Sometimes doing the small stuff has benefits - I used to help the night auditor at one hotel with vacuuming, straightening up the lobby area, etc. Gave me a chance to talk to her, she was really cool. After we both left that hotel we started dating - got married 2 years later.


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