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Families of VTA Shooting Victims Sue Transit Agency for Failing to Stop Gunman

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  • Families of VTA Shooting Victims Sue Transit Agency for Failing to Stop Gunman

    The event: Workplace shooting where the gunman was known for years to have made serious and credible threats towards co-workers and refused to do his work as required.
    Nine people were killed on scene, and a tenth suffered trauma to the extent he took his own life a few months later.

    The site, a complex of light rail service buildings, is located next door to the Sheriff's office own headquarters.

    Allied Universal Security Services was awarded a $50 million joint contract with the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office to provide comprehensive protection to the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority properties and their employees..

    The contract stipulated that sensors, cameras and other security apparatus would be installed. Not clear how much of that was done.

    If the shooter had been required to pass through a metal detector apparatus on his way through the door, presumably it would have alerted the guard to the three guns and ammo stashed in his duffel bag.

    In this case, I don't think the family is just after deep pockets. They are asking some really crucial questions about who was responsible for doing what to make that building safe.

    The shooting was a year ago. Having AUS, I can see where the company's disorganization, poor management and severe understaffing could have fatal consequences at vulnerable work sites.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out, and if it has any impact to improve Allied or the security industry.

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    I had an assignment a a FedEx Freight hub in Absaroka County. 3 DAYS after this happened one of their employees showed up for his shift without his employee ID card and not in uniform.

    FedEx Management actually had the nerve to be pissed off at me because I made the guy waited the gate until I verified who he was