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Campus/School Security That is Hands Off

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  • Campus/School Security That is Hands Off

    As I posted recently, I am now working as a Campus Security Officer at a public college. We are "hands off". While I understood that when I accepted the position, I sometimes worry about the "what ifs".

    Considering that there was just an incident in Kenosha WI that made the news, I sometimes worry about both extremes. For example, when there is a physical fight involving students, the "optics" of doing absolutely nothing look bad to me. So, in other words, to be present when students are actively, physically fighting and "observe and report" look bad, in my opinion.

    On the other hand, if ANY hands on is prohibited, the risk is getting fired for violation of the policy.

    I have told my partners, if anybody attacks them, I will just respond and they will simply have to fire me from my job.

    Is anybody here actually trained on ANY sort of middle ground?

    Police chokeholds have been banned in Wisconsin after Governor Tony Evers signed in 2021 a bill into law, prohibiting the move except in life-threatening situations.

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    You can’t be fired for doing your job. You can be fired for not doing your job. Let them fight. O&R. They get what they wanted, security, not Police.

    Go home at the end of the shift. Let it burn.


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      If it is college, they're all 18 or over. "Mutual combat" is the term we use when two people agree to fight - as long as there are no weapons, it is not illegal in Seattle. The optics of standing around do look bad - so call 911 or the campus social worker on your cell phone, continue shouting verbal commands to cease and desist, etc.

      I think in the current circumstances in our society, the appropriate use of O&R security is becoming increasing narrow. But it is what it is. Soper is right - just follow policy - the higher ups will deal with the consequences or sweep it under the rug, depending upon the incident.