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Starting A New In-House Campus Security Department

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  • Starting A New In-House Campus Security Department

    I started a new job a bit over a month ago as a Campus Security Officer for a small public college. Until mid-2021, they contracted with the local sheriff's office. We are pretty much starting from scratch now.

    I am looking for any websites, books, videos, etc. that give some guidance about establishing a new in-house campus security department.

    We are in the process of putting on one more full-time officer and then we will be at authorized personnel strength. We have a MOTO TRBO radio system, but almost everything else has to be set up.

    It has been an interesting challenge, so far.

    Has anybody else here been a part of establishing something like this?

    If so, how did it go, what did you learn, what would you do differently, if you had to do it again?

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    Why recreate the wheel? Just adjust the previous policies etc.


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      I've done it twice, at the same job. Second time was easier; the spiteful fired supervisor threw everything away; I recreated it from memory when I was rehired to fix things.

      I'd say Soper is right, unless the previous security took all their manuals, etc. with them. But you've got experience - just write down what you know. Since it is a public college, maybe reach out to other campuses in the system to see how their departments are set up? ASIS and IFPO also have some good resources.

      Training videos are tough - they're mostly geared to contract companies and, ahem, "lowest common denominator." Since it is a college, they should have a media department - if appropriate, you can film you're own.

      Follow the KISS principle, try to clarify any gray areas, and good luck.
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        I was a campus police chief many moons ago. I found that IACLEA and it state’s equivalent proved to be excellent resources. Other campuses are usually more than willing to help. Good luck.
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          Excellent advice.

          Thank you to all.