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Guard Disarmed And Robbed On Post

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  • Guard Disarmed And Robbed On Post

    There's a lot to unpack in this SPECIFIC incident.

    1. That guard had no option to carry concealed.

    2. I'd bet that he was at THAT location every day, giving the thief ample opportunity to plan his attack.

    3. I know quite a few security companies that require their guards to carry with an empty chamber.

    Just in general why not try to OC spray the thief?

    Why wasn't the guard at the TOP of the stairs? In a place where there's only one avenue of approach?

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    Originally posted by The Night Rider View Post
    ...I know quite a few security companies that require their guards to carry with an empty chamber...
    Holy crap!


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      Good post, Night Rider. As far as the OC question, depending on what type of OC it is, the effects don't immediately kick in - plenty of time to get shot. This is exactly why I don't like stationary posts in the open - your head needs to be on a swivel constantly, because the situation can change in a second. The perp obviously had this planned out, and we see the result.

      Situational awareness and training are critical. A very long time ago I had a confrontation with a guy in an area where I couldn't be seen (tactical mistake #1); when I tried to call for back up he snatched the radio out of my hand (we didn't have clip on microphones). Since I had no defensive equipment, I bluffed him in to leaving by telling him I'd already called out my location and if my partner didn't hear from me in a few minutes he'd be looking for me.

      The empty chamber thing might be so the guard company thinks they're being safe, but given the crime wave this country has seen in the last two years, that's a practice that probably needs to go away.


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        I wish we had more information here. Honestly we don't know if the guard was on a post or if he was waiting outside his apartment for his ride to work. Either way though it would be someplace he was probably at every day at approximately that time.

        I think I already said this but if I was on a static post I would try to position myself in a way that I couldn't be approached except from the front.

        As for the OCs, Sprays tend to take effect quicker than gels.

        I don't know that I'd go down fighting for MY EMPLOYER'S gun though