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Outer Ballistic Vest and under shirt issues

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  • Outer Ballistic Vest and under shirt issues

    Hey guys! Wow it's been AWHILE since last I posted here.

    I have a question for those that wear an outer Ballistic Vest. How the heck do you keep from it eating your under shirt?

    My employer bought me a ballistic vest around a month ago. Been wearing it ever since. And honestly, the only issue I am having with it is the fact that it is chewing up my security uniform shirt underneath. It is so bad that I'm considering NOT using the vest because of this. Since wearing it, I have gone through two shirts. The shirts are not cheap either. I wear the 5:11 High Performance (or whatever they are called) shirts. For just one shirt, after taxes and embroidery, it's around $60.

    Any solution to this? I considered just wearing a cheap black t-shirt instead of my security shirt, but unfortunately I take my vest off to air out and thus, still need to be in uniform.

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      Wear the cheap black t shirt. That’s too much for any type of t shirt.