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Atlanta wants private security to assist police

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  • Atlanta wants private security to assist police

    We've talked about it for years here, and it looks like it is taking hold. Seattle does not have "private police," but like L.A. and other cities, those that can afford it have armed security patrols for their neighborhoods and business complexes.

    And I'll say it again - I don't believe for a minute crime is down in any major city - crime reporting is down, because it becomes a waste of time calling the police when no one is arrested or convicted.

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    I expect that there will be an increase in private police or "pay for hire" cops/security that can arrest and cite


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      The law needs to catch up (or better yet, be at the front of the trend). There needs to be a national standard, rather than letting 50 states determine their own rules, as they do now. Private security operates in a gray area, but if we're going to start taking on the role (and the risks) of law enforcement, there need to be clear rules.

      If not, than you are going to see situations with companies similar to Blackwater making big mistakes to please their clients.