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  • Generic uniforms / name tags

    The big gripe The Left has this week is the federal police in Portland aren't wearing name tags or patches. Which got me thinking about security uniforms too. In the age of doxxing I'm really not sure if name tags with last names should be a requirement for police or security - first name or a badge / ID number clearly visible seems more sensible. I've worn a generic security uniform a few times, but we always had a cap or name plate with the company name on it, so its not like we were trying to hide who we were.

    As far as the Feds' uniforms go, I don't know. The military isn't happy that they're wearing army style; the generic "police" patches may be that they were deployed quickly and had to go with what they had. It would be nice if they had an agency patch, but I think a lot of it is just trying to deflect from the real issue - 55 days (and counting) of property damage and civil disorder...

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    I have a generic uniform, but that's only used 1 or 2 times a year for my school and church (I prefer undercover style)


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      What you prefer isn’t what the state requires. A guard grabbing me wearing plainclothes is going to get put in their place very quickly.


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        We are more of a camera watching variety, and if something is off, we call a team member with a gun to check it out. Sorry, should have clarified.


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          We wear a pretty obvious uniform, grey bdu's with last name in large letters on chest and giant company patch. I wish for a little more ambiguity at times, but with state laws and client preferences it's kind of a pipe dream.
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