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Twin Cities Unrest Saw Surge In Unlicensed Security

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  • Twin Cities Unrest Saw Surge In Unlicensed Security

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    Ah, the law of unintended consequences. We have the same problem in WA - get a little heat from the state, shut down and reopen under a different name. The other problem is individual guards - how these guys can go from company to company with felonies or disqualifying mental issues just amazes me - nobody appears to do a pre-employment backround check.

    Do you think your state will beef up enforcement after this story? Wonder how long Aegis will last?
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      Originally posted by Condo Guard View Post
      ...Do you think your state will beef up enforcement after this story? Wonder how long Aegis will last?
      I seriously doubt it. The media is so focused on the Minneapolis Police and the City Council de-funding them that security may well be the furthest things from their minds right now.


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        Yet it’s ok for security companies to not do BG, hire crooks, shortcut training...and these protests are about what now..?


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          So, even if you're volunteering, you cant provide security without a licence?


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            That's one of those tricky gray areas. Certainly, if your friend owns a store and you go down to help, you are within your rights. (At least in my state.) But if you are wearing a uniform for a company, you have to be in compliance with your state's regs, even if it is pro bono.

            I've worked places where there have been situations where we assisted businesses that were not our clients, but were in the same building or area. I always made it clear that I was providing aid as a citizen, not in an official capacity. Where I work now the borders of our site and neighboring businesses is such that if your problem is going to become my problem, I will act as needed if there is an immediate safety / security issue.

            I think the media is failing to realize that when there are no cops around, people will not give up and run. They will protect their assets. Look at any third world country - the neighborhood either forms its own night watch / militia, or they pay tribute to the local warlord to protect them from the other warlords.

            Fly by night operators will pop up when there is a need - look at how long it took Seattle to shut down CHOP / CHAZ - roughly 4 weeks, 4 shootings w/ 2 fatalities and the rape of a deaf woman. Add to that thousands of dollars lost due to damage, trash clean up and lost business.
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              Rooftop Koreans. The BEST Security for your riot problems.


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                Soper - you are correct.

                I just watched a documentary on LA in 1992 before all this occurred - sadly, the lessons from that disturbance have been lost on the politicians. Not to go too off point here, but the advantage to security is we can mobilize more quickly. The problem in LA in 1992 is the National Guard was mobilized way too late. In Seattle, the mobilization was haphazard and confusing - they were deployed in North Seattle briefly but never in the CHOP zone. And the Guard by its nature can't mobilize quickly - they have to report to their base, get their equipment and then roll out to the city. You're looking at 24 to 48 hrs. before they are really "on duty."

                With security, you just answer to your client, not the mayor, the city council, the local police chief, etc. We had our own security along with armed contract security that showed up the day we asked - everybody's mission was spelled out, and we all worked well together.
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                  All very good responses, and a viewpoints. If I had a magical answer, and how to fix this problem, I would not be a weekend
                  security guard at some factory in a city in Massachusetts. I would be in the evening news, or giving sound advice, to
                  a city council whether Seattle, Boston, or Minneapolis

                  I might agree cities should reflect the community they serve. Boston is 60-70 % Black, but a majority of Boston police
                  are white.

                  Defunding the police is not the answer either. Boston has talk radio A good % of callers from the minority in Boston
                  do not want less police, more police

                  Yes agree to, there are those who have mental issues, {Trying to use the correct words} Not far from where I work
                  there was a man on a Sunday afternoon creating a disturbance, He was not someone who just wanted to defy the law
                  He was jumping down in the street. Running on to loading platforms. It took numerous city police to quiet him down
                  Whomever he is needs medical, and mental health fixing
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